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Comment Re:What I read: (Score 1) 246

Exactly. The only people "adopting" Win10 are the ones who already get it free, or who are forced to accept it due to bundled contracts.

I'll wait for Windows 11.

Or the technologists who tested it and decided it was a step forward and would ride the bleeding edge rather than putting their heads in the sand.

Comment Re:Misleading title - didn't pass Windows 8 (Score 1, Interesting) 246

Of course I used XP until support ended, still use 7, and never used Vista, 8, or 8.1, so my experience is limited.

I try not to focus on any one operating system, my test server is Linux, my laptop is a mac and my gaming desktop is Windows.

My message is: If you're staying with 7 then you're missing out. 10 is going to be big.

Comment Re:As a "great" man once said ... (Score 1) 157

Buy the way, both non-Apple phones I owned at that time had instructions in their manual (I'm a very curious person and often read manuals) telling you that your phone reception would be bad if you hold it wrong.

One of my early cell phones (15 years ago? I was a late adopter because I was a broke student...) had a little rubberised pad on the back with a finger sized dimple where you could brace the phone with one finger without shorting the internal antenna.

Comment Re:No Trackpoint = Bad Windows Laptop (Score 1) 435

I also don't like the keyboard. Spongy, flat keys with weird spacing. It's hard to type on. And the layout sucks. Where's my PgUp/PgDn, Home/End, and Delete?

Agreed. My Mac spends about half it's useful time docked on my desk with external monitors, keyboard etc. So half the time even when I'm using OSX it's with a Microsoft keyboard and a Logitech mouse.

In my fantasy world, laptops of the future all have Thinkpad keyboards from a decade ago. I can dream can't I?

Comment Re:No Trackpoint = Bad Windows Laptop (Score 2) 435

I used to think so too, but then I tried apple's touchpad. The fact that it's quite large, and handles a variety of gestures make it quite useful. (Not as nice as having an actual mouse, but we're talking laptops, after all.)

Agreed, I have both a thinkpad and a macbook on my desk right now. The macbook touchpad is much easier to use (assuming you have the drivers... note that bootcamp 6 just landed with drivers for Win 10)

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