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Comment Re:Neat, but not especially novel (Score 2) 47

HMMVW is an obscure insider term in the same sense that CPU is. The commenter simply assumed that the reader was not completely clueless about military vehicles.

I suppose the next thing you're going to say is that we shouldn't talk about JDAM or TOW to avoid confusing those kids whose dial up can't handle google.

Comment Re:Everything the tech press says about Win 10 (Score 1) 317

is the exact same thing they said about every previous release. "They got it right this time", "they finally fixed all the bugs", "it has a few bugs that will surely be fixed quickly"...


I'm pretty sure you could copy and paste 95% of the content from reviews of Windows 95 right into Win 10 reviews and nobody would blink an eye.

[NB. I have been testing Win 10 on non-production desktops for a few months, and I kind of like it. Despite having 20 years of linux experience and being a Java/Eclipse/J2EE "expert" I spent most of last weekend running Visual Studio 2015 on a Windows 10 VM and I didn't feel the need to scrub my skin clean with coarse sand, so things are looking pretty good.]

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 289

I'd like to see somebody make a decent case using UCC Article

As would I, unfortunately anyone wealthy enough to take that on is unlikely to consider it worth the effort in terms of opportunity cost. (i.e. If you can afford the legal fees you can also afford to completely write off the laptop and move on with your life because that's even cheaper and easier.)

Comment Re:Uhhhh (Score 5, Informative) 289

"Sign in to the dashboard with your Microsoft account,"

No, go fuck yourself. Give me control over my updates/drivers inside the OS and don't make me sign up for your fucking spam in order to have a WORKING operating system.

The linked page was for hardware developers to submit their drivers to Microsoft so that they can be included in updates.

But I'm sure you realized that...

Comment Re:Visual Studio is free (Score 1) 255

Yes, because not knowing how to use Windows is a great bet for getting a job in a business environment.

Also, VMs are hard.

On one hand I have 20 years of linux experience. On the other hand it was 15 years before that experience actually paid off in my professional life.

Loving linux is great and all, but you're useless to me if you only know one platform.

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