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+ - Android port for the Neo FreeRunner in progress->

Submitted by H0p313ss
H0p313ss writes: Koolu has announced public access to their git repository for their port of Android to the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner smartphone.

Koolu is providing the patches necessary to take Google's Android Platform source code to run on the Openmoko FreeRunner phone, the steps to create a tool chain to build that code, and the instructions on how to build the binary images so more people who have FreeRunners (or want to purchase FreeRunners) can help with finishing the port.

Sean McNeal has been providing test images for a few weeks and there are a couple of YouTube videos demonstrating basic functionality.
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+ - Android boots on Neo Freerunner

Submitted by H0p313ss
H0p313ss writes: As I commented earlier, it looks like I'll be able to run Android on my Freerunner sometime this year. Less than two weeks after the announcement of the source being available one of the porting efforts has announced that they've achieved Phase 3: bootable test images to flash. Sounds like functionality is currently limited but things are definately looking good.

+ - Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) to release on Wednesday

Submitted by H0p313ss
H0p313ss writes: The Eclipse Foundation will be releasing Ganymede on June 23rd. This will be the third coordinated release from Eclipse. While the initial platform delivery consists of the traditional SDK which includes the basic Java IDE and the Plugin Development Environment, over the coming weeks some 23 components will release for Eclipse 3.4 ranging from Modeling Tools to a complete C++ IDE.

Friends of Eclipse have early access to the mirrors

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