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Hmmm. What message are they giving here? Parabellum, n Definition: a type of semiautomatic pistol or machine-gun; also called Luger, also written parabellum Etymology: Latin 'for war'

Wow... where to start...
Semi-auto machine gun. Semi-auto is one shot per trigger pull. Machine guns are capable of full-auto fire. Semi-autos are not.

No, Parabellum isn't a pistol of any sort. There's a pistol cartridge (9x19, 9mm Luger) that's also known as 9mm Parabellum. It's extremely common around the world.
Yes, parabellum is Latin. But the word pre-dated its use in ammunition. Obviously.
"bellum" is latin for war.
Antebellum (as in after the war) and Parabellum (as in "with" or "in a war").

The connections that you so poorly tried to establish are as bad as the guys that are trying to say that because the Nazi's used 9mm Parabellum in WWII, that this is a link between the GOP and Nazis. Either way, it's just bad politics when people try to make up any type of a connection imaginable to discredit the other team.
Before you try and guess, no, I'm not a fan of the GOP. I'm also not a fan of people adding mud to the murky waters of political debate.
Now, can't we drop the silly little kids games and the forget the my-team vs your-team while real issues get discussed?

Comment: 3 Important attributes of law... easy to confuse (Score 1) 535

by Libertarian_Geek (#46154977) Attached to: US Democrats Introduce Bill To Restore Net Neutrality
3 Important attributes of a law that lawmakers want you to confuse:

Its facade (what they want you to think it does).
Its goal (what they wanted it to do).
Its consequences (what it actually does).

Evaluate for all 3, determine their deltas and vote accordingly.

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To be fair, I think the guy should be removed from office. The problem as I see it is that Congress demands that every appointee be removed if they make any mistake, no matter how minor or (as in this case) serious. Meanwhile, some appointees can never get approved under any circumstances.

Given that environment, I can see why Obama won't fire the guy. There's a chance Obama would not get a replacement confirmed by the end of his term.

The whole process, and most everyone involved in it, sucks all around.

God forbid that the parties compromise to find a non-partisan appointee.

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Dunno about CP but Paul Broun is my congress critter and he's currently giving away an AK-15 to promote gun rights. I entered the drawing. Not that I particularly want it, but I'd rather I have it where I know I can stick it in a gun safe than have someone else in my neighborhood have it.

Typical Authoritarian who self-labels as "Liberal".

"I can have it, but you can't be trusted with it" mentality is evident in your post.
Reference to an "AK-15": shows a lack of understanding the facts by inadvertently combining the AR-15 and AK-47 names into one.
Sounds like the California politician who says things like "30 Clip Magazines"

Comment: Re:"News for nerds??" (Score 1) 934

Not to mention even the term "gun control" is biased and is based on the false premise that prohibiting possession prevents crime.

No one promotes "pen control" measures to prevent accounting fraud.
No one promotes "spoon control" measures to combat obesity.
No one promotes "penis control" measures to prevent rape.

It's the same with the term "gun violence"

We don't have "pen fraud", "spoon calories", or "penis rape".

I agree, it's a technology issue and has strong parallels to other issues like rights to privacy, encryption, 3D printers, intellectual property and science. For those who don't see these parallels, then maybe you're not fully digesting the content that you're taking in from Slashdot.

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Hold the phone here: The constitution says that we have the right to own and possess guns, yet makes no mention of the right to sell them. I'm actually 100% positive what Chicago did here was not illegal

That's akin to saying that the constitution allows for free speech, but not for the pre-requisite air.

Comment: Almost fooled me... (Score 3, Insightful) 380

by Libertarian_Geek (#45797221) Attached to: <em>Battlefield 4</em> Banned In China

The voracious supporters of democracy and freedom in the West are more radical and virulent than 20th century International Communists when it comes to spreading their ideology. China has every right to to be concerned, especially when bringing "democracy" and "freedom" to the rest of the world means bombing campaigns, land invasions, and subservience to Western central banks.

Wow, for a brief moment there, I thought that you weren't condoning censorship. Good use of the halo-effect/devil-effect in making the East's censorship look justified by calling out the West's evils. Uncensored corruption is of course bad, but censorship doesn't suddenly make the censors' intentions or methods a good thing. Let me simplify: Censorship = still bad.

Comment: Re:He's the President. (Score 4, Insightful) 312

He did not hijack your meeting. It was always his. Get over yourself.

It's not his government. It never was his. It belongs to the citizens. The man that you're defending has gone against the constitution and the will of the people. Get over yourself. Bush and Obama have made a mockery of the constitution. Both parties are trampling our rights and everyone seems to overlook their own party's evils while they're ready to attack the other with pitchforks and torches.

Comment: Wrong party (Score 5, Insightful) 688

Republicans don't want free-market.
Democrats don't want free-market.
They both want different lobbys to pay them (in campaign donations) for the "privilege" of not being encumbered by regulations of the other party.

Libertarians (both big "L" and little "l") generally want free-markets.

"Just Say No." - Nancy Reagan "No." - Ronald Reagan