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Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 2) 434

Anything she gets will likely be harsher than Karl Rove managed to get for outing Valerie Plame.

All of this has been done before. Complete BS if she gets harsher treatment than the previous administration. I agree that we need to clamp down on the problem, but some retro activity would be nice as well.

User 1 makes a statement that points out an injustice committed by a candidate of Political Party "A".
User 2 jumps in to claim that Political Party "B" had a worse injustice.

This situation plays out the same in comment threads across the internet. Switch the roles either way you want. A or B = Democrat, the other = Republican.
User 2 attempts to marginalize the injustice by claiming that party A did the same thing and received equal or less punishment than what is being suggested this time.

But who wins once the injustice supported by User 1 is carefully stuffed away in the margin? The same pattern will likely be made by User 1 when the roles are reversed. As this pattern continues, the punishment for injustice committed against citizens will only ever be reduced per situation. At best it will be matched.

Comment Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 1) 423

I'm not looking for a weapon. I'm looking for a shield to neutralize it.

So, you're looking for a shield that's hard enough to stop a weapon, but soft enough that it can't be used as a weapon.
Are you sure that your requirement doesn't contradict itself?

Comment Serialized Part depends on the weapon. (Score 2) 391

For some rifles, such as the AR-15, the serialized part is the lower receiver.
For other rifles, such as the SCAR 16 and SCAR17S, the serialized part is the upper receiver.
On a Ruger Mark series pistol, the barrel is the serialized part.

I don't think the author realized that this depends on the weapon.

Comment Re:Fabricating an assualt rifle in California... (Score 5, Informative) 391

"Assault Weapon" is the term made-up by gun-control spin doctors.
"Assault Rifle" is a US military term for a fighting rifle in intermediate caliber (not pistol, not long action) capable of full-auto and/or burst fire.

AR-15 is (as you know) not an Assault Rifle.
M4 is an Assault Rifle.
They function differently, but to most folks, they appear exactly the same. This is how gun-control types inject fear, uncertainty and doubt into the debate.

The GCA banned the manufacture of transferable "machine guns" made after May '86.
The GCA, therefore reduces the supply-side of the equation for transferable full-autos. Transferable M-16s cost in excess of $10,000, plus the $200 excise tax to transfer them from one owner to the next.
An individual may legally own a full-auto capable weapon provided that they pass the strict NFA (National Firearms Act) requirements and that the weapon was made before May of '86.


Comment Re:Get rid of it (Score 1) 389

How do you support your argument that "obama probably had his heart in the right place when he started"?
What information leads you to this conclusion?
It's possible that you feel this way because it gives you an "out" for falling for the facade that Libertarians warned Democrats about prior to electing him.

Comment Re:The Real Question (Score 1) 237

Senator Rand Paul, a Republican presidential candidate who has made opposition to overbroad surveillance central to his platform, tweeted: “The phone records of law abiding citizens are none of the NSA’s business! Pleased with the ruling this morning.”

How fast would his attitude towards surveillance change if were elected president?

Are you suggesting that it's best to elect someone who loves overly broad surveillance and despises the 4th amendment?

Comment Re: Of Course It Is (Score 1) 78

Are you justifying a bad design (connecting critical flights systems to entertainment systems) by taking the route that a $12 GPS chip and supporting circuitry is too expensive or weighs too much to add a dedicated one to the non-critical systems?

Because every example you just posted could be completed with a 4 ounces and $20 of electronics or less.

Comment Re:Hillary on e-mail, in 2000 (Score 1) 609

Using a private email server for mail doesn't change her status from a government actor to a civilian actor. Her status as a government actor changes the status of her private mail server to a government email account.
If it were otherwise, a government office could rent or borrow property from a private citizen and thereby censor the public's speech on that property.
There is precedent here. Take for example a state office censoring citizens' comments from their Facebook page is unconstitutional censorship. Lawsuits have been won on this doctrine.

Comment Re:About right (Score 3, Interesting) 246

So, armed robbery isn't a violent crime because they were only pretending that they would kill me? I know that the weapon in this case was a BB gun, but someone who uses the threat of violence to get money isn't in the same category as a common thief. If someone pulled a BB gun on me during a robbery, I would attempt to shoot them to save my own life.
1> I have no idea that the BB gun isn't a real gun.
2> Regardless of the criminal's words, I have no knowledge of their real intentions or capabilities beyond what they present to me.
3> I can't take their word that they only want my money, since they've already shown (by threatening my life) that they value life below property.

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