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A side story on unintended consequences...

The meddlers in Congress wanted to stop the serfs from using inefficient incandescent lights. So they passed (and W signed) a bill in 2007 that, besides the phaseout we all enjoyed, required that all CEILING FANS, of all things, include an energy-saving bulb. However, they included an exemption for ones with candelabra sockets. Naturally, to save the $1-2 per unit, the manufacturers started putting candelabra sockets in every ceiling fan, even when there was plenty of room in the design for a standard socket. So now, where I would have easily swapped out the bulb for a medium-base CFL or LED myself, now instead I use the inefficient cheap incandescent they included, or I pay 2-3 times as much for an LED that actually fits the socket, or I have to buy a replacement socket and wire it in myself. Socialism FAIL.

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by sydbarrett74 (#47427019) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart
As to why the 'cheap shot', it's because Obama has been expanding upon many of Bush's most-hated policies. In his campaign speeches, he promised to scale back the War on Terror, close Gitmo and rein in the surveillance apparatus. He has done none of these things, and has indeed intensified those efforts.

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by John Jamieson (#47426985) Attached to: Apple Gets Its First Batch of iPhone Chips From TSMC

I don't remember TSMC even keeping up with AMD most of the time, and they were a node behind Intel at almost any time.

It appeared to me that TSMC may have seemed to keep up, but AMD and Intel were producing huge dies and had to have a process really fixed before they ramped. TSMC had the luxury of announcing they were at a node, while only producing simple stuff with it and fixing the bugs over a long period of time.

An Aside: In my opinion Intel chip designs have been less than spectacular given the R&D resources they have, it has been the process engineers that have given them the dominance in performance.

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"I don't claim Obama is not an American. I'm just saying that the White House, for reasons of its own, has put up a faked document."

That's pretty much my view. I don't know one way or the other what his legal status is, tho I know of no reason to disbelieve the Hawaii statement of information accuracy. What we do have is an image that was unquestionably altered (as anyone with experience editing compressed or layered images could instantly see), rather than a pristine copy. I lost interest after that and if anything else came to light, it's missed me.

And the one big reason it matters is because you can't prosecute a non-citizen for treason, in the event.

As to the rest of this thread, looks like you've encountered the slashdot equivalent of the UFF. :(

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The trouble is, we may in the future discover that the sequenced DNA does not suffice. Or that there's an error. If we don't have reference material, we can't fix any such errors, or even discover them in the first place.

This is kinda like deciding a project is no longer needed, so instead of archiving it, you compile one last binary, then destroy all the source code.

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You can't fix politics, until you fix the people voting for the politicians. We get exactly what we deserve as an electorate. However, there are signs on the wall (CANTOR), that given enough crap, voters will out vote incumbents even as they spend millions to hold onto a seat. I see more potential in the (R) side right now in outing politicians who deserve it. However, I don't see ANY such on the (D) side. There is no (D) grassroots with any power, including OWS (noisy, but otherwise ineffective) threatening Harry, Nancy, or any of the others who need to go as much as Cantor did.

But I actually blame the liberal mentality for this, because they like abusive power of Government butting into everyone's business and telling everyone how to live, rather than leaving us the hell alone. Liberal fixation on people like Sarah Palin (who doesn't hold an elected office), because she talks funny, while accepting Sheila Jackson Lee (a complete loon) is a prime example of duplicity that is amazing.

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