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+ - Australian Prime Minister Thinks Kids Should Not Code-> 4 4

Gob Gob writes: The Prime Minister of Australia has come out and ridiculed an opposition policy aimed at denying teaching kids to code:

'the Prime Minister said. "He said that he wants primary school kids to be taught coding so they can get the jobs of the future. Does he want to send them all out to work at the age of 11? Is that what he wants to do? Seriously?"

Arguably software development practices can be better group educational tools than maths, literacy and art as a software project can draw on coders, artists, organisers and others with different interests and backgrounds. Is teaching coding and technology from a young age an enabler for your community or should it be discouraged until the twilight years of schooling / collage?
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Comment: Re:Wow, this *IS* old... (Score 1) 171 171

If your Windows Admins are managing your firewalls, then you are in trouble... Usually it's either the network engineers or firewall Admins.

It always strikes me as odd that people assume businesses have the resources to deploy "best practices" ~ aka having one specialist team member for every IT position (Net, Admin, DBA, analyst, help desk, etc). Most businesses (ie small / medium ones) can only scrape together the means to employ one person (if any) and hope they have the skills to keep the business applications running ~ pretty much _everything_ else is secondary.

Does this "best practice" mantra attempt to coach SME's to do the right thing or is it just arrogance that people pontificate that the default assumption is that every business has the resources of the Enterprise?

Comment: Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081 1081

...... in the hope that the rest of us civil beings can live normal, happy lives without them.

Firstly there is nothing civil about killing other humans as a punishment.

Secondly - what if a person confesses to a crime they did not commit and is executed? People sharing your position a gravely unaware of the danger they are in having the guilty walking free. This is just one of many examples that once you go beyond the the point of no return you introduce greater risks and unknowns.

How about instead of killing these broken people we study them and see if we can learn more about what caused the issues in the first place.....I dunno - maybe we could look to *fix* problems rather than kill off symptoms...?

Comment: Re: Yeah (Score 1) 562 562

Its a law of nature is that everything is free in the monetary sense until a being decided to assign it ownership and set a price on it. .....unless you are paying for a different sun than I am (in which case your Internet Connection is awesome from whatever sun you are orbiting)

Comment: Re:Microsoft's 1990's business plan. (Score 1) 162 162

I see plenty of forks of open source software even small fish. Look at Linux, X, KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu. Heck, look at a random Github project and someone has forked it.

I see plenty of forks of open source software even small fish. Look at Linux, X, KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu. Heck, look at a random Github project and someone has forked it haven't they?

I just forked your comment

Comment: Re:Statistics and.. (Score 1) 407 407

California had a massive reduction in prison population due to courts deeming that holding people under severely crowded conditions was unconstitutional.

Why don't they rotate them? Prisoners coul spend 3 out of 4 weeks inside meaning that for every 4 prisoners the prison could incareate one more ~ 120% occupancy without over crowding

Prisoners could choose to undertake rehabilitation activities (employment, volunteering, education, etc) in that could help them take time off their sentance (and for discresions they could have time added).

It always seems dumb to put criminals in a box full of other crinimals (of potetnatlly greater expereince or ambission) and call it rehabilitation. Effective leading two lives side by side will give the person the ability to reconcile the cost/benefits of a life of crime

Comment: Re:symbols, caps, numbers (Score 1) 549 549

".....The "correcthorsebatterystaple" is actually pretty good advice at this point, all things considered....."

One suggestion - right out a grid of infomation you know like the date your team one the cup, a numberplate from and old car, the clothing label & lift weight on the best day at the gym (*)


Now pick four columns:


I simple way to always be able to work out a password without having to remember it. After a few accounts (depending on the size of your grid) you are going to remember 24+ character passwords with relative ease.

You can vary the size and orentation of your columns and number of rows. Also you can flavour your characters with rules like "every second letter in caps" and all that other stuff people do.

Comment: Re:min install (Score 1) 221 221

Don't forget LRP - Linux Router Project - I had a headless P1 connection to the dial up modem with 3 PC's hanging off

One of us would play Quake and the other two browse the web.

LRP had modules for the network cards I had (and many others).

@ that time many providers in AU wanted to sell you one phone line / ADSL line per PC.


Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 561 561

There is ONE thing that matters, and that is : who does the best work.

This is a great idea right up until you hit the recruiter / HR / hiring manager and expereinces their preferences / beliefs / dispositions / biases.

Me I can't prononunce many names from other cultures. I feel more more comfortable saying "John" than "Akshayakeerti".

Recruiters talk about "Cultural Fit" which in basic terms translates to "How do they fit in?" / "How do they compliment?" the group. It doesn't take too much for a HR dept - group - organisation to keep placing "Johns" with other "Johns" because they are an easy fit. Keeping personal bias out of the recruitment process is a difficult/impossible thing to do but as a society we need fundamental goals to strive for to jam that door open to all people. Quota's are a crap system but they are better than shutting the door on talent through diversity.

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