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Submission + - SPAM: Becoming a mentor for young teenagers. Where do I start?

Gob Gob writes: I have been asked by a client & friend of mine to help his 14 year old child to learn about "computers" in the workplace and help him decide if IT is a career for him. I am compelled to do so because for a short while of my career I had a mentor of sorts and it helped me take an interest and develop a career out of it.

The child is described as "good with computers" and genuinely interested in IT as a career. My initial thoughts are to make a basic assessment of where their skills are at, identify the the career choices that suit their interests and then plot a critical path between where they are now and what they have to do next.

I am mindful about delivering the most positive experience for the child vs my available time. What have you done that is similar? What are the pitfalls? Are there any resource that you can recommend? Have you been mentored and what was your assessment of the process / benefit?

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 474

Which is why the main control is interest rate, if you get high interest you save more and low interest you spend more.

Interest rate have little to do with spending - they are a tool to control borrowing (and inflationary investment). The economic function of interest rates nowadays is to drive credit creation - the ability for the financial sector to create wealth by loaning out the same dollar many times.

High interest rates remove the ability for people to borrow but attract external investment. This can be a useful technique to draw foreign investment into your country.

The quoted point does have value for people with variable rate mortgages. Since interest is a large part of their monthly payment and often people borrow up to 80% of the value of their home, movement in interest rates (not matched with movements in income) will cause - often significant - changes in movement in available cash which leads to the spend/save more scenario. However very little economic academic debate is focussed on the individual hardships of the poor. Economics in general is more focussed on the macro level as constantly demonstrated by the ineptness of the acts of politicians.

RE: The article:

In Australia we have a statistical unemployment issue as the many factors can stop you being counted as unemployed (for example not being able to arrange childcare or not being available for work because you are in a course)

In Australia there is a very very very large service industry that feeds on the bottom dwellers of the recruitment sector by getting people into government sponsored courses. They get payments from the government and from the training organisation (who also get payments from the course attendee).

So basically you have millions of government/taxation dollars to fund the apparatus around one aspect of welfare - with the statistical upshoot of showing lower unemployment rates to voters.

If a Dutch town is doing away with the machine that keeps the welfare recipients under the watchful eye of the government to justify their payments in the eyes of voters then I can't help thinking that there is more money being saved and more to go into useful things.

Personally I would want all education and healthcare to be free - an educated and well society will achieve far more than a unemployable one that is ill and most likely broke.

Comment Re:Excellent. (Score 1) 674

Agreed. The money will quickly flow back through the system anyway, and will end up as a profit for some company somewhere. People don't just sit on their meager cash.

Except that much wealth is created in capital growth, for example real estate investments. If someone has a property worth $500k and another has one worth $10mil then the value created through inflation means the latter gets a far larger real growth in wealth. If someone chooses to by the latter house (without credit creation via borrowing) then cash is being absorbed and not flowing back.

The real problem with the whole Wealth, Work and Equality conversation is that there is enough resources and productive effort to produce a generous life fore all humans but we don't have an equitable system that shares it.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 712

What a fucking yawn fest.

Dearest America,

You have far too many guns in circulation and that is the root cause of all of your domestic suffering

Every other country in the world goes WTF at your collective inability to grasp this basic concept. If you don't want guns pointed at your kids then give up yours.

There is nothing wrong with access to guns in controlled circumstances like ranges but they are not tools for defence of your home. They day that you stop packing them is the day that criminals don't need to (and wont so they will avoid harsh sentences if caught).

If you get rid of the guns then cops might be less trigger happy.

Of course this is not going to happen an these circular discussions will continue because its a great wedge issue to keep your votes going to corporate puppets. And since I am in full rant - the US today is exactly the type of country that it chose to rebel from to gain independence. Congratulations you are your own worst nightmare and completely apathetic to the conditioning that you regularly accept.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 410

......The sad thing is that most people care, but not enough to do anything about it.

100% of the people responsible for this are the US Population. These voting citizens support a two horse race between almost identically corporate shills for bread and circuses.

If someone came along and said - "Make me President and I will withdraw all troops from everywhere the day after my inauguration. Apart from that the democratic policy process can find its way through congress." they would not get a blip on the radar of votes.

Basically the US voters are saying as long as *I* have my bread and *I* have my circuses then I am a-fucking-o-k with my taxes funding the killing of others for reasons I fail to comprehend.


Oh....and thanks for the GFC too

Submission + - Well behaved ads are not an issue (

Gob Gob writes:

Well behaved ads are not an issue

In a recent /. story there were many comments that there is an acceptable level of adverts on a web site as long as they are "well behaved". Adverts by their very design are attempting to interrupt the visitor and gain their attention over the page content itself.

So what is the number? What is the format? 1 static advert per 800x600px? Is there a formula that would balance the commercial aspects vs visitors preferences?

Comment Re: Why? WHY??? (Score 1) 474

No, management is paid to get the most work out of you for the least pay

Totally wrong. Management is paid (as part of their budget) to deliver business outcomes with the fiscal and human resources at their disposal. The reason why HR always has a seat at the executive table is because fundamentally every business that does not the well-being of their people as a high priority is destined to fail.

Once you have an offer and acceptance it would be nice if all employees treated their colleagues up/down or adjacent with respect.

If you are truly working in an environment of "..most work out of you for the least pay.." then get the FUCK OUT OF THERE. In my experiences any workplace hostilities are because of individuals not because of a corporate structure designed to enslave you. If you feel that way then solve your problem by finding a career/life that is free of such things.

Comment Re: Why? WHY??? (Score 1) 474

In Australia your employment contract is a summary of your real "on paper" contract and the subsequent verbal changes and acceptance of those changes. This is basically if you accept changes to your verbal contact by not rejecting the duties and taking payment for them then it forms part of your contract.

Picture a dev who is asked to set up a few email accounts while the sysadmin is away. Sysadmin comes back and she passes on all email user management to the dev.

1) The dev accepts the work and it forms part of her employment contract - rejecting it in the future breaches that contract
2) The dev rejects the work citing that it is not part of her duties (saying "contract" is confrontational at that stage)

You can always tell your boss - "You know when you brought me a coffee were you just being nice and helping out or is it part of your duties/contract?"

Comment Re:There is no way this looks good. (Score 1) 142

Pay more, more will come. Very simple. Why would anybody bother to learn / earn experience for your shit-pay job? Your problem is YOU.

No the problem is you, you, you and me. Whilst we all want cheaper "everything" and use online bidding to push prices down we create a cost/price based business. I have a SaaS platform and the pressure to sell seats for under $100 is huge. If that seat wants support then profit margins quickly are eaten away.

We are an Australian firm. Our latest hire is a Dev in the Philippines because the western world is over priced (not their fault because they have too much costs & taxes).

Oh and I have started her our on the "shitty jobs" so she knows what not to do (and can incrementally improve to code). She is enthusiastic and putting in a good effort . You see it called a "job" not a "happy-happy-la-la-time-on-someone-else's-$$$".

Many people embrace their responsibilities to climate change by recycling more, using less energy and changing their living routines. It surprises me that they don't have the same attitude towards fiscal responsibility and expect their governments to borrow more prosperity from their futures to keep the illusion of wealth dancing in front of them.

Comment Re:Trekonomy works on the Enterprise. Nowhere else (Score 1) 503

Who is going to fix the sewer when things get backed up? Some folks who do it just for the "reputation" as the best sewer jockey?

The sewer is getting backed up because it is defective. Some folks would gladly attain the "reputation" for being the Engineer that solved that problem.

Lamplighters used to light the gas lights every night but then someone came along with an electric light that did not require a Lamplighter. If your vision was correct we would all be in the dark too!

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