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Comment: Reminds me of an old joke: (Score 2, Funny) 29

by Tablizer (#47421055) Attached to: The Future of Wearables: Standalone, Unobtrusive, and Everywhere

Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Jerry Sanders (Heads of MicroSoft, Intel, and AMD, Advanced Micro Devices) were in a high-powered business meeting. During the serious, tense discussion, a beeping noise suddenly is emitted from where Jerry is sitting. Jerry says, "Oh, that's my beeper. Gentlemen, excuse me, I need to take this call." Jerry lifts his wristwatch to his ear and begins talking into the end of his tie. After completing this call, he notices the others are staring at him. Jerry explains, "Oh, this is my new personal communication system. I have an earpiece built into my watch and a microphone sewn into the end of my tie. That way I can take a call anywhere."

The others nod, and the meeting continues.

Five minutes later, the discussion is again interrupted when Andy starts beeping. He states, "Excuse me gentlemen, this must be an important call." Andy taps his earlobe and begins talking into thin air. When he completes his call, he notices the others staring at him and explains, "I also have a personal communication system. My earpiece is actually implanted in my earlobe, and the microphone is actually embedded in this fake tooth."

The others nod, and the meeting continues.

Five minutes later, the discussion is again interrupted when Bill emits a thunderous fart. He looks up at the others staring at him and says, "Somebody quickly get me a piece of paper... I'm receiving a fax!"

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by Tablizer (#47419215) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

I realize that there is an overlap between "document layout" issues and GUI issues, but believe that perhaps we have to separate these issues in order to focus on doing each well.

My draft GUI markup suggestion(s) uses HTML as a base because it's established and does initial layout "good enough". (Although I'd like an MDI option added: true sub-windows.) It's mostly the interaction between parts and pages that is lacking, such as drag-and-drop, scrolling tables, and value or element refreshing without re-rendering the entire page (AJAX-like without AJAX).

You can see some of these suggestions at:

Comment: Will go over like a lead-lined balloon (Score 1) 295

by Tablizer (#47419037) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Up to 60 percent of power might come from nuclear sources.

I don't think that will sell. Nuclear power has a bad rap despite the fact that objective studies show deaths per watt or medical costs per watt to be equal to or better than most alternatives.

Nuclear just gives voters the jeebies; that's the way it is.

Comment: adopt a 1950's standard of living. (Score 1) 295

by ProfBooty (#47418671) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Probably because we spend more than before?

Productivity is way up since the 1950s. If you were to live according to a 1950's lifestyle including miles driven, size of home, vacation travel, amount of times going out to eat, drop internet, CATV, cell phones etc, you could save an enormous amount of money. Invest it in some index funds or take a dividend growth approproach and you would be pretty rich.

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