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+ - The Dangers Of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "In March of 2012 legendary game designers Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert ran a Kickstarter to design a new adventure game, asked for $400,000, and came away with more than $3.3 million. Their promised delivery date was October 2012. Now it's July 2013, and the project still needs cash, which they plan to raise by selling an "early release" version on Steam in January 2014. One possible lesson: radically overshooting your crowdfunding goal can cause you to wildly expand your ambitions, leading to a project that can't be tamed."
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+ - Sent to jail because of a software bug.

Submitted by toshikodo
toshikodo (2976757) writes "The BBC is reporting a claim that some sub-postoffice workers in the UK have been sent to jail because of a bug in the accounting software that they use. Post Office admits Horizon computer defect. I've worked on safety critical system in the past, and I am well aware of the potential for software to ruin lives (thankfully AFAIK nobody has been harmed by my software), but how many of us consider the potential for bugs in ordinary software to adversely affect those that use it?"

+ - NYT Looks at FISA: Everybody is a potential "Target"->

Submitted by some old guy
some old guy (674482) writes "This NYT analysis looks into the recent attention given to the FISA court, particularly at its broad interpretations of Congress' intent and what constitutes "foreign intelligence". Particularly disturbing is how only the government is allowed to present it's side of the story in filings. We're all being subjected to a court where we have no standing to defend or assert our side of any case."
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+ - Secure Boot Coming to SUSE Linux Servers->

Submitted by darthcamaro
darthcamaro (735685) writes "UEFI Secure Boot is a problem that only desktop users need to worry about right? Well kinda/sorta/maybe not. SUSE today is releasing SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 which will include for the first time — support for UEFI Secure Boot. Apparently SUSE sees market demand for Secure Boot on servers too.

Our market analysis shows that UEFI Secure Boot is a UEFI extension that does not only cover desktops, but might very well also be deployed and even required on server systems going forward," Matthias Eckermann, Senior Product Manager at SUSE said. /blockquoteL


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+ - SPAM: "Extinct" Northern Mexican Garter Snake Re-discovered in New Mexico

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Biologists found three individuals of a snake species that was once considered to be extinct. The northern Mexican garter snakes were discovered last month near the Gila river. The snakes were re-discovered by Herpetologists from the ABQ BioPark Zoo after a gap of 20 years since the last sighting of Thamnophis eques or northern Mexican gartersnake in New Mexico."

+ - Experts Prepared For 'Catastrophic' Cyber-Attack at London's Olympic Ceremony ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Security experts feared that last summer's Olympic Games opening ceremony would be targeted by a "catastrophic" cyber-attack.

Oliver Hoare, head of cyber security for the Games, told the BBC that he received a phone call from intelligence agency GCHQ on the day of the ceremony which suggested it could be attacked."

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+ - Former Valve Hardware Designer was 'Stabbed in the Back'-> 2

Submitted by DavidGilbert99
DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Jeri Ellsworth has opened up about her time at games developer Valve and has hit out strongly at teh so-called flatpack management structure. She says that despite Valve's claims of a democratic structure, there is a layer of powerful management in place and when she was fired she felt like she had been stabbed in the back. "If I sound bitter, it's because I am. I am really, really bitter.They promised me the world and then stabbed me in the back.""
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+ - An odd symmetry breaking of clocks

Submitted by stpalli
stpalli (2958117) writes "In 1665, Christiaan Huygens' observed, possibly for the first time, spontaneous self-emergent synchronization. He hung two pendulum clocks from a common wooden beam and noticed that the pendula always ended up in exact synchronized motion in spite of how they were started and referred to this as an odd sympathy of clocks an odd sympathy of clocks. Inspired by this classical experiment, researchers now find, in a stunningly simple experiment , the co-existance of of synchrony and desynchrony in coupled metronomes — an odd symmetry breaking of clocks, known as a chimera state."

+ - Justice Department calls Apple the 'ringmaster' in e-book price fixing case->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Back in April 2012, the US Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and a number of publishers for allegedly colluding to raise the price of e-books on the iBookstore.

As part of its investigation into Apple's actions, the Justice Department collected evidence which it claims demonstrates that Apple was the "ringmaster" in a price fixing conspiracy. Specifically, the Justice Department claims that Apple wielded its power in the mobile app market to coerce publishers to agree to Apple's terms for iBookstore pricing."

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Designer Arrested Over Anonymous Press Release 288

Posted by samzenpus
from the opposite-of-anonymous dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A Greek designer named Alex Tapanaris, whose name appeared on the PDF press release circulated by online trouble-makers Anonymous has had his web site disappeared and, according to reports, the unfortunate chap has been arrested. THINQ managed to talk to Alex on the phone, and while he wouldn't confirm his arrest, he 'certainly sounded spooked,' the web site reports. 'No comment,' he said and hung up. The press release sought to explain Anonymous's aims and lack of any formal organization. It explained that the Anonymous name is applied to a shifting roster of individuals who come together on an ad hoc basis, depending on individual concerns and practical, day-to-day matter such as who happens to be online at the time. Clicking on the document's properties revealed Tapanaris as its named author."
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First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas 775

Posted by samzenpus
from the you-buy-nit-you-keep-it dept.
Max Hyre writes "In a 4-4 decision, the US Supreme court let stand the Ninth Circuit's decision that the First-Sale Doctrine (which says once you buy something, the maker gets no say in what you do with it) only applies to goods made in the US. That Omega watch you bought in Switzerland last year? It's yours now—forever. You can't sell it without Omega's permission."

AMD's New Flagship HD 6970 Tested 152

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the more-pixels-please dept.
I.M.O.G. writes "Today AMD officially introduces their newest flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 6970, hot on the heels of the Radeon HD 6870 released at the end of October, then the NVIDIA GTX 580 in early November, which is Nvidia's current flagship card. Initial testing and overclocking results are publishing at first tier review sites now. While the HD 6970 is a strong performer and the price point is outstanding for consumers, the GTX 580 retains the flagship crown while the AMD 5970 keeps the single card performance crown with its dual GPUs on a single card."

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