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Comment Why suicide? (Score 1) 174

I have never used twitter. The thing that made me completely uninterested in using it was mainly the 140 character limit. I get the impression that is something from the days of flip phones with tiny screens and having to type with a number keypad.

I figured as well that the 140 char limit would just make intelligent conversation impossible. So there would be zero content worth following.

At 10000 chars, maybe I'll sign up for an account - maybe.

Comment Re:Try predicting violent behavior. (Score 1) 84

The way to protect yourself from data sprongers is to use their spronging against them. Control what they see so they do what you want. If you're smart enough, you won't get caught, and they will never get data that people like you commit crimes because people like you don't get caught. Be the kind of person that doesn't get caught.

Comment Re: Idiocy. (Score 1) 394

Not all employees are assembly line workers. Often there are ad-hoc / one off tasks that nobody has foreseen because nobody understands the need like a user. ( maybe nobody even knows of the need but that one user who needs to do something. )

Overly restrictive policies make it impossible to do things better.

Remember computers are for users, not their admin staff. Locking users out of their machines turns them into paperweights.

Comment Re:Actually the Niskanen Center is Libertarian. (Score 1) 417

We're basically another meatbag like lions and hyenas or apes or whatever noodling around. And humans have been to the moon.

Being outwardly violent does not always inflict the maximum violence, and usually the most underhanded thing to do is socially acceptable.

Communism is for families. and anarchy is always the state of affairs no matter what the regime.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 1) 417

. I make [stuff] because others exploited the opportunities of [stuff[

You fill your niche, but the niches filled by others denies your offspring the chance to someday fill them.

If opportunity is your bag, you want to be Adam or Eve.

And while almost nothing has been fully explored, the Earth is one of those things that has been.

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