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Comment Not the first full recovery from space (Score 1) 121

SpaceShip One touched space and all elements were recovered and flew to space again.

BO's demonstration is more publicity than practical rocketry. It doesn't look like the aerodynamic elements of BO's current rocket are suitable for recovery after orbital injection, just after a straight up-down space tourism flight with no potential for orbit, just like SpaceShip One (and Two). They can't put an object in space and have it stay in orbit. They can just take dudes up for a short and expensive view and a little time in zero gee.

It's going to be real history when SpaceX recovers the first stage after an orbital injection, in that it will completely change the economics of getting to space and staying there.

Comment Re:Hmmmmm.. (Score 1) 313

This goes back to the days of Netscape. I remember having a discussion here in the Mozilla Suite days before Firefox took off about how they should at least separate browser, calendar and mail/news tools in to separate processes. Devs at the time claimed it was too difficult and would break tight integration between these parts of the app. Same story now with the whole multi-process browser thing, and it all points to poor architecture and poor engineering skills at Mozilla.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 191

I wanted to re-install Windows 7, what a mistake... first the update takes a core at 100% and just scanning for updates takes about 20h. There is 203 updates, it is a mess, there is updates for IE9, IE10, IE11 and multiples security updates for all browsers including IE8, then multiple .NET updates and others. Half of them fail to install, some rollback, after an update and a reboot it can find new updates, etc. All in all it takes a few days to install Win7.

So I took the MS tool, downloaded the 1511 ISO, wipe the partition and intalled a fresh Win10, after the install there was 3 updates, that's it, no bloatware, no forever to d/l and install update. In 20 minutes I was running and up-to-date.
I guess they have their reason to remove the 1511 ISO, certainly because you could install a fresh Win10 with a Win7 or Win8 key.

And do not worry /., I dual boot Mint 17.2 but need Windows for some programs like GPS update for instance.

Comment Re:Another in a long series of marketing mistakes (Score 1) 137

You'd need a popular product to pull off obtaining second-clientage from governments, and you'd need not to reveal that your device had legal intercept.

This is just a poorly-directed company continuing to shoot itself in the foot. It's not made its product desirable for government, or for anyone else.

Comment Re:newer replacement for TrueCrypt users (Score 1) 42

Any idea whether they've fixed the performance issues with TrueCrypt? I tried to use it to secure some large customer movie files (e.g. 75 - 250 GB range) and found that when writing these files that it gets slower and slower, from tens of MB/s dropping steadily down to KB/s after several hours of copying a large file. Files beyond a certain size take so long to write that I couldn't use it (gave up after waiting 24 hours).

Comment Electrolysis project (Score 4, Informative) 313

Meanwhile another year has passed and they still haven't completed the Electrolysis project (multi-process browser).

The monolithic process with all its memory leaks and unrestrained memory growth, and no way to figure out which tab was eating all the CPU and draining my laptop battery meant I switched to Chrome and Safari years ago. FF is not fit for purpose.

Comment Another in a long series of marketing mistakes (Score 2) 137

There's a truism in marketing that you can only differentiate your product on the parts that the customer sees and uses. Blackberry just can't learn this lesson. They tried differentiating on the OS kernel, which the customer never sees. And now on an insecurity feature that the customer won't be allowed to use. It's been a protracted death spiral, but it's a continuing one.

Comment What's Wrong with the Hobbit? (Score 2) 174

The Hobbit books are to a great extent about race war. The races are alien and fictional, but they are races, and the identification of good or bad is on racial boundaries. This isn't all that unusual in the fantasy genre, or even some sci-fi.

Lots of people love those books. And there's lots of good in them. To me, the race stuff stuck out.

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