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Comment: Re:The enemy of my enemy != my friend (Score 1) 85 85

I would first think about simply black mailing them.

Blackmail is illegal. One crime at a time. Releasing this data, done well, won't lead back to you. Blackmail is only useful if you get paid, and that creates a trail. You know they can scan and record the serials in 1 million in small non-sequential bills in a pretty short period these days, right?

Comment: Re:Holy crap ... (Score 2) 85 85

I am not surprised they'd backdoor it frankly. If all of my customers were professional liars known for running false flags etc, I'd have to think seriously about inserting water marks and backdoors too. If nothing else so I had some way prove whatever gets done with those tools was not done by me.

Here's the problem with doing business with criminals, whether they're ordinarily-labeled "criminals" or intelligence agencies or whatever: if they're incompetent, you don't want to do business with them because of all the ways in which they can implicate you. But if they're competent, you don't want to do business with them because of all the ways in which they could take advantage of you. If they're incompetent, then they ought to be little danger to you, so you don't need that kind of protection. If they're competent, then they can and will do anything to you, and they're probably smart enough to have some third party check your work and look for back doors... and when they find them, your ass is grass.

These guys will be lucky if they get to go on drawing breath.

Comment: Re:What's the big accomplishment here? (Score 3, Informative) 82 82

This is the first time it's done in a more or less commercially viable electric aircraft (not solar); apparently they are planning to sell these planes to the public. That makes it quite a different achievement.

Comment: Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 142 142

That is unless you are claiming that Snowden is affiliated with al Qaeda or Isis? Is that your claim? If so, what is the evidence?

Calm your knee, that's not [necessarily] what was meant by that comment. Guess you could read it either way, but I don't think it necessarily has that content. I think the point was that it's easier to attack someone in Snowden's position outside of the courts, because it avoids many uncomfortable questions. Snowden has done a bunch of interviews, people know what he's like. You can't torture him and fill him full of drugs and then put him on the stand like they did with Saddam. Putting him in court would be a horrible idea, they don't ever want to do that. At best they label it 'classified' and nobody trusts them.

Comment: Processed foods (Score 0) 234 234

I suspect processed foods are not harmful

There are countless credible scientific studies that suggest otherwise. They're not even hard to find. Not all processed foods are bad. Some processing techniques like pasteurization are demonstrably beneficial. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that moderation should be exercised in their use.

A raw food diet is a lot likely to be less optimal

It's not about raw foods. It's about what is done to the foods. Processed foods purchased from a store tend to have high amounts of sugar, salt, fat, preservatives, additives and other ingredients to make them more appealing and/or have longer shelf life. Some processing is fine and even necessary. But it's really easy to eat a very poor diet if you aren't careful with processed foods.

If you cook from fresh ingredients, guess what you're still eating processed food.

You are not necessarily however eating preservatives, ingredients of substandard quality, chemicals with unpronounceable names, excessive amounts of sugar, salt, fat and other needless additives.

Comment: backdoor versus sidedoor. (Score 2) 88 88

Discussing this as a "backdoor" conflates this with the usual hidden backdoor which is a bad thing. Putting in a backdoor that is freely accessible and leaves no trace of its accession is ill advised. But I fail to see why there are no technological means to secure keys for multiple parties. you can even have crypto so multiple parties must agree so for example like my safe deposit box the bank and I both have to agree that I am me.

Now that's a different question of whether
1) I might encrypt the data on my own or use a thrird party client that uses googles services but keeps things encrypted in passage. That defeats the abililty to side door googles encryption.

2) I might off shore my data to someplace outside such laws (do I trust them is another matter).

3) the dent this might cause in googles popularity outside the US--I actually doubt this since de facto it has been the case in the past that the NSA had free range of google and no one cared deeply. But Will china also demand that google also let it have side door access as a condition of doing bussiness there? Still while a mess it's not technologically difficult.

4) an even stickier issue might be who all has to agree to unlock the data. Google+NSA. Google+China. those are doable. but Google+NSA+China is a problem. China might not want the NSA peeking at chinese national accounts without it's permission. Nor perhaps North Korean or any number of disputed places the NSA is interested in.

So there's a political mess here and some ways consumers can defeat it, but I fail to see why someone like Bruce Schneir would say there's no technical means to do this at the level of google or apple or major sites when there plainly is.

Comment: Extrapolating from anecdotes (Score 2) 234 234

Yankees first baseman just gave up milk as well and says he's never felt better.

Good for him. That has nothing to do with me or millions of other people. I drink milk daily and I feel great. Times when I've gone without it had no effect on me positive or negative. So what exactly am I to learn from your anecdote?

even if you're not allergic to milk like I am, it's not very good for you after a while

And your evidence for this is what exactly? Unless you have a specific digestion problem with dairy (and many people do) every bit of evidence suggests it is a fine part of a balanced diet. It's on the food pyramid and every dietician I've ever met will tell you dairy is just fine. We're mammals so milk is one of the things that sort of defines us. It's basically the perfect food for a mammal nutrition-wise so long as you can digest it safely.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 458 458

My point was that a very small shell script can detect memory conditions on most Unix systems through typical file access mechanisms. Apple will doubtless have overcomplicated this. I wonder if they have also created dependencies on that daemon. Does it do anything else?

Comment: Re:Very finance specific (Score 1) 185 185

Its a pity people like you don't appreciate the sacrifice others made for you to have your comfortable 21st century existence

The problem with that idea is that these wars are engineered so that certain people can profit, so that's really not what they made a sacrifice for, is it? They were sacrificed on the altar of profit.

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