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Comment Re:Solution: (Score 1) 34

BWHA-HA-HAHAHAH!! Z0MG, you're so Hillary-ous!!

...Oh, wait:

Looks like e-Ghazi was a big nothing-burger. Which is what we dirty fscking hippies have been saying ever since it was first trotted out. But: Please continue, Governor. Don't let minor things like facts get in the way of a good right-wing misogynistic rant. Your lives are bleak and meaningless enough as it is.

Comment Re:That would be penny wise and pound foolish (Score 1) 136

Well, a lot depends on how your actions fit into your long term vision, if anything. "We'll just rebuild this neighborhood and everything will be hunky-dory" is obviously not a long term plan.

The reason the Netherlands flood control makes sense is that the value of 25% of their country's land area far outweighs the cost of reclaiming it, as simple as that. When the net present value of keeping the flood waters off a piece ofland exceeds the net present value of the use you'll get from it, then it's time to abandon piece of land.

Comment Re:Exaggeration is not Necessary (Score 1) 136

Well, if you *insist* on being pedantic, what they mean is "It's not going to stop before it causes a degree havoc most people would find inconceivable."

I think they kind of expect people to understand they're not claiming that the water levels will rise, drowning the Moon, inundating the Sun, and eventually filling up the entire universe.

Comment Re:Fixed it for you. (Score 1) 360

I'm mid-40s, my wife's a little older, our two kids are in their teens. No apparent loss of interest in sex from either of us. There was a period of reduced interest, but we got through it.

Two differences from your story: 1) my wife doesn't work right now (hopefully soon). 2) We're Christians, and regular sex is a commitment (1 Corinthians 7).

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 2) 136

Sure. Or sooner if you are economically tied to businesses or people near the coast; or businesses or people not near the coast; or businesses or people not near the coast but dependant on others that are. That's the downside of living in a modern economy. I didn't hold any toxic mortgage backed financial instruments, but I sure felt the pain when the capital markets went tits up in 08.

Comment Re:All the data hasn't been released (Score 1) 360

...40% of the pictures were dick shots and they didn't want to release those.

I have a question for the guys out there who do this:

When has this ever worked?

How many guys have actually gotten dates as a direct result of posting explicit photos to their dating profile?

Comment No good without a smartphone (Score 1) 341

Or you can get a $20 bluetooth GPS, and put it someplace with a good view of the sky, like under your rear parcel shelf if it's not made of metal.

Which does you no good at all if you are driving somewhere and don't have your smartphone handy. Not saying that your idea is bad but personally I'd rather I have navigation assistance even if I have to leave my smartphone behind for some reason. I use the built-in GPS in my truck 99+% of the time even though the data in my smartphone is generally more up to date and accurate.

Comment Re:Complete list of electric car gadgets I want. (Score 1) 341

Sounds like you need a locost with manual everything :)

Seriously though, sub-1-ton cars definitely don't need power steering, and you can get away with manual brakes if you just give it nice big ones but nobody does that any more. I think that's a shame, because manual brakes might be a little harder to stop with, but it's too easy to lock up powered brakes anyway (well, it was before ABS) and manual brakes have just lovely feel... like manual steering does. And you can of course still have ABS. That actually doesn't weigh appreciably more than a brake servo, and it takes up a lot less space.

Comment Re:That's messed up (Score 1) 183

Or, y'know, taking advantage of all that newly available sunlight to build large-scale solar stills.


...using solar-thermal heat pipes to pump water from the ocean into deserts, there using it to grow algae for biofuel feedstocks. Any excess water is simply spilled over into a salt pan, and replenishes groundwater.

Comment Re:It's the interface, stupid (Score 1) 341

I just want one thing: A place to plug in my smartphone or tablet via HDMI, USB, and a four-pin 1/8" miniplug for audio in and out. And I want the results to be that my phone shows up on a self-hiding touch display on my dashboard. It's a moderately expensive way to handle the device mounting problem, but it's also completely future-proof and the user can install anything they like, whether it's meant to be a portable device or not.

A manufacturer could reasonably implement this without losing money if they simply made entertainment a standard feature. There's no worry you'll skip the option if it's not optional. And if they just partner with someone else to handle GPS updates (tomtom? whoever) then they don't really have a revenue stream to lose there. Selling GPS updates is probably not all that profitable for most automakers, but I have no figures.

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