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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Quick Update 10

Life: Sorry, work has kicked my buuuuutt.

Project1 being released today. Project 2 is angry I haven't had time for them last week. Project 3 (at home) deadline tomorrow (prolly pulling an all nighter), and project 4 (teaching) needs a 'dry run' on wednesday, and teaching on friday.

Football: I am embarassed to be a steeler fan. O line stinks. Maddox can't handle a mistake at the beginning of a game (happened every game where the steelers lost. He 'forces' and stuff after one mistake). The secondary really holds up against the yards. But that doesn't matter if you are completing 80% of your passes. The D line isn't causing pressure. Whats worse is the rest of the AFC north has an easier schedule (Cincy's schedule already hit the 'hard' games). I still think the Steelers will grab the AFC North title, and the second place will be close, and its a crapshoot. Honestly, I'd like to see the bengals in 2nd or first. Its the only team that has fought EVERY SINGLE WEEK to win it. Their heart is really in the game.

Photo Contest: Kudos to SafetyCap for doing my job for me (making the 'game' part of the photo contest). I'll send him the rest of the pics, and a list of who's playing tonight or tomorrow night. Hopefully, he'll be able to get it up by the end of the week. I'm interested to see who's guessed correctly and incorrectly. Dunno if I'll just wait and release the list, or if SC wants me to input the real names somewhere in the DB or whatever.

Sorry if sentences don't make sense. Brain not working good. Ask about stuff you dun understand if you care enough, and I'll get to it when I got time. That's all.
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Quick Update

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  • Hopefully, he'll be able to get it up by the end of the week.

    If not, he should probably buy viagra.
    • by Servo (9177)
      If I turn my spam filtering off, I could find some good sites to buy viagra discreetly too. It'll just be our little secret.
      • Why stop with just viagra, there's all the fun things of Valium, Xanax, Prozac, etc... If we do it right and ask Rush maybe we can even go deaf like him.
  • Sorry, work has kicked my buuuuutt.

    That butt of yours is getting big dude.

    head down, soldier!
  • How about a hotornot style script for rating slashdoters too, that way we can find the best looking male and female on slashdot.
  • Hey, if Viagra is good enough for BOB DOLE, then... uh... *cough*

    Adding more people is not a problem. Adding more pictures to a group is not a problem---I just gotta update the existing picture's db record to set the "group" flag, either.

    When I set up the schema, I made space for each picture's "true" identity, but there's no code to display it. That will not be that big of a deal to implement, or FK could post the answers after a reasonable amount of time.

    For the HOT-or-NOT, that is do-able, but may have

  • I finished the grouped picture code. Now, when you vote for one, you vote for all.

    I also had time to squeeze in Organized Konfusion's "Hot-or-Not" feature--yay!

    So the only thing I need

    • the latest, greatest set of pictures, and
    • a list of the participants---with a few bogus entries added to spice things up.

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