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Comment Can you really blame google (Score 5, Insightful) 188

This seems like junk that Dell have installed to make some cash one the side. If firefox bundled the same dns hijacker then who would you blame? Firefox or google?

Just because google make the tool doesn't mean its their fault that it is installed by default in a spywareish fashion.
The Media

Submission BBC lose all their original footage of 911

Kerago writes: "The head of news BBC World, Richard Porter, recently disclosed in the BBC World editors blog _of_the_conspiracy.html, that the BBC has lost all of its original 911 footage. Mr Porters response to questions about how this could happen, who was responsible and when this would be reported to the public can be found here: _of_the_conspiracy_2.html This has been kept extremely quiet in the UK media so far."

Submission Script Kiddie Foils Microsoft

An anonymous reader writes: A forum user (going by the handle Computer User) over at keznews has successfully created a brute force keygen for Microsoft Windows Vista. Within hours, the news had spread like wildfire to all corners of the internet, garnering public reaction ranging from disbelief to praise. Computer User shortly thereafter posted a statement of regret for 'hacking' Microsoft's unhackable validation. Sarcasm or sincerity?

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