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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: Don't Put a Space In My Name!! 200

Journal by FortKnox
OK OK OK....
Work was kicking my arse.
And I have a third project I'm doing at home.
And I was just told I have to train a class in java next friday (which will be my first class and need to review it).
But I didn't want to let you people down (that, and I really want to write JE's, but don't want to get harassed for not putting up photo contest stuff). I only am giving you guys a directory list of pics (which you can click and see) so you'll have an idea of what everyone looks like. No list of players, I'm STILL accepting pictures (so check back, cause the page can grow with more pictures).

Obviously, a number with a letter (like 01a.jpg 01b.jpg 01c.jpg) is the same person, different pics (you can submit up to 5 pics of yourself).
Now, I'm turning on comments. If you've met someone, or know, dead on, who someone is, don't give it away. It'll be a game, and you'll have an advantage. But feel free to guess people if you have no clue. Also, feel free to give me some ideas of 'comments' to give to people (compare people to celebrities, etc...). Start your own lists (best looking chick, etc...). And have fun.

Oh yeah, the link? http://marotti.com/slashdot2/

Yeah, I took the old contest down, and those with mirrors, please do the same, too keep things a little fair. No, I didn't use a single picture from the old contest.
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Don't Put a Space In My Name!!

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  • by banky (9941)
    And yet, damn. I was enjoying working your name into various things.
  • Lovely, and thank you.

    Female turnout was less than ideal, but what're ya gonna do?
    • Well, I know what they're gonna do with *your* picture!! (Beware of typos in subsequent posts due to one-handed typing.) Nice angle, babe. ;-)

      Hey, FK, is there a list anywhere of who all entered, just to give us a fighting chance?

      • whjat asrre yuo taklinmg avboutr?

      • To reply twice...

        Didn't his JE say the list is still open so he can't provide it?

        If he submitted a list of the current participants, then we could compare it to the final list, and diff to find the late entrants and then determine at least the pool from which to choose their owners, eliminating the early entries. :-)

        Not that I would do anything like that.

        woh typse qwuite wel
        withj opne hasnmd
        • Dear Robi2106,

          How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?!

          • LMFAO!

            Strongbad emails are always welcome here!
          • Besides Home Star Runner just plain roking my world . . .have you seen the "Ballad of the Sneak"

            Man . . . I can watch that thing 5 times in a row and laught every time at the...
            "Do, wacka do, wacka do" part.

            • Man, I CAN'T watch that thing 5 times in a row- I would die. Its just tooooooo good.
              Who's that dodgy jackanapse with moxie and pizazz? Who's been drinking bootleg hooch and listening to the jazz? come on!

              I like the new Puppets thing. Last weekend I was listening to that song (featured in Labor Day Strong Bad email) and just kept cracking up.
              • Now that is some of the words I couldn't understand. Where did you get the words? Did you just plain understand them? Or is there a transcript somewhere?

                • There is a homestarrunner message board (Homestar Freaks, I thought it was on hyperboard but I can't seem to find it) and they had the lyrics printed out. However they really were freaks, and I quickly decided that I didn't want to associated with any of them. The same thing is precisely what "cured" me of roleplaying games in college.

                  But I can't find that message board (good riddance?). So I did a search for you. Turns out it isn't dodgy jackanapse, it's jaunty. That makes a lot more sense (at least i
        • Oh. Yeah. Uh. Duh.

          Don't mind me. I used to be blonde, but it soaked in to my brain.

  • Yay! Pictures! Beautiful pictures!

  • This'll be fun. Again. :)
  • OK, I'm ready to make my first pass at some of these, even not knowing who is entered. I'm not covering everyone... just some that for some reason I may have some idea about.
    1. Mmm... Now *that's* someone I could have fun with!
    2. johndiii? trying to decide on #3 or #24. Or maybe another entirely.
    3. FortKnox? -- This is a fantastic picture, and this one is in the running with #44 for my cutest guy.
    4. Somehow, I feel like I know this person. I don't really, but I feel like I should. Weird. But also in the running for
    • I'm going to refrain from various complimentary remarks because the guys would start getting those lesbian fantasies going through their heads.

      Do you honestly think that anything you can say can stop those fantasies now that you've planted the seed? :-)

    • 25.solemndragon
      If you are correct, I might have to make a trip to Boston after all. ;-)
    • Sure the boobies were nice, but her eyes were the best part.
    • bethanie, I hate to dissapoint, and I know you will be, especially when you actually *did* comment on my actual picture.

      sorry :(

      All I can say is, my pic probably does need some explanation, and that its about 10 years old.

      • Is yours the t-shirt? I considered that possibility, too.

        Anyway, nobody's going to disappoint me -- unless they guess *my* picture wrong! :-)

        • heh, not a t-shirt... but from a CD's liner notes... taken in a (shock horror) recording studio (notice the presence of headphones -- Fostex T-20's by the way)... jamming out on my kit while a photographer was snappin picks.
          • OK, well third guess isn't too bad. I guessed #27 first because of the speaker to the side. Thought maybe you were giving us a clue.

            And I *need* a clue, lemme tell ya! :-)

    • the photo i submitted was - oh, hell. i'll email you.
    • OK. I'm revising my guess for #25 from solemndragon to Saige.

      Did you enter a pic, Saige? If so, you're lucky #25! :-) Compliments still apply!!

  • Well, I'll admit, in nearly all cases I haven't the foggiest who the people are (with one exception), but here are my votes anyway:

    • Cutest girl: 06 (the one on the right :-) )
    • Hottest babe: 25 -- though a little blurry to be sure -- uh, is that Minneapolis?
    • Guy most likely to be in a boy band: 30
    • Guy most likely to be a UNIX sysadmin or CompSci prof, yet be a lot of fun on Friday nights, and least likely to own a digital camera: 31
    • Guy who looks most like my neighbor and highest on the hunk scale: 32
    • Hottest babe: 25 -- though a little blurry to be sure -- uh, is that Minneapolis?

      Nope the photo was taken in Seattle. I happen to know exactly where that photo was taken. If there was more of the skyline in the photo I could probably also tell you the year it was taken.

      The person in the photo doesn't live in Seattle to the best of my knowledge.
  • All on one page... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Tet (2721) * <slashdot@astradyne . c o .uk> on Thursday October 02, 2003 @05:23AM (#7112064) Homepage Journal
    Since there's just a list of files at the moment, I've created some thumbnails with them all visible on a single page:
  • I know bethanie started this already, but she's old. ;)

    In the running are...

    #41-That is the most beautiful sky I've ever seen. Pants up or down? Pick one and stick with it. Nice forearms.

    #32- a little light and your SW Index might rise by a few points.

    #33- Fairly nice nose. Too bad the angle doesn't hint as to what your eyes look like.

    #30- Is that room really that yellow? Lovely caramel-colored eyes.

    #27- I'm a sucker for really short hair. I know somebody who looks just like you.

    #21- Great action
  • I wanna know who has the epee in #23 and, if you attend a university, which one and are you a member of the fencing team there? I'll be at Northwestern on the weekend of the 11th and 12th, attending a fencing tournament myself. Of course, I'll be fencing foil, but I've fenced epee in tournaments before too.
  • 1) Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. Somehow, I think #1 will take that as a compliment. :)
    2) Hector Elizondo. With hair.
    3) Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black. Dunno.
    4) Some geek columnist like Cringely or something. Total "byline" picture. (I know, that's not a celebrity, but it's too generic of a pic!)
    5) Hm. Hair's too dark to be a Kenny Rogers look-alike. But that's all I got.
    6) Nancy Cartwright & Shirley Temple. ;)
    7) Dude....Sulu. Totally Sulu. :) More for the dark complexion and dark hair than the ey
  • #6: Bethanie and the reason she stays home all day.

    #18: LadyGuardian.

    #25: Everyone's saying SolemnDragon, I've got no reason to argue.

    I'm going to take a wild leap and say the women in #37 and #43 are Some Woman and KshGoddess (pre-haircut), probably respectively.

    I looked when there were 47 people shown. Wonder how many there will be before the contest ends?
  • #25 -- Amending my vote. Not sol. Saige?

    #48 -- Oh my god. You are NOT looking forward to this contest ending, because the Slashdogs will be baying at your door! Oh, and BTW, you look exactly like a prettier version of my (already very pretty) cousin.

    #49 -- another 14-year-old. Not the greatest picture, dude.

    #50 -- Xerithane? (Definitely hot, BTW.)

    #51 -- Someone very wise. This guy *knows*, man.

    #52 -- Didn't FK say he was changing his look? In any case, you can shuffle my deck anytime, Cowboy. (Sup
  • Same rules apply - It's completely subjective, and ease up! It's all in good fun.

    48) She actually sorta looks like someone I know, but she's not a celebrity. Julia-Louis Dreyfus-ish, tho. I wanna know what was digitized at the bottom of the pic! :)
    49) Looks like that guy from the Chemical Brothers. The tall blonde guy with glasses. ;)
    50) Guy - Matt Damon, sorta. Girl - Kinda like Ming-Na.
    51) Don't know the guy's name, or where I've seen him, but he definitely reminds me of someone. Which makes it hard

  • OK, so I could have clicked the pics one by one but that just didn't appeal to me.

    So, instead, I wasted far more time coding a web page to display them all. Then creating thumbnail images and coding a web page to display those thumbnails and link to the individual pictures. Then link between the two pages.

    I think you get the picture. Suffice to say that clicking on each individual picture would have been quicker. But my solution was much more elegant...

    Anyway, here are those pages for all to see:

    Full S [demon.co.uk]

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