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Journal FortKnox's Journal: New political website idea... unless its already been done.. 15

What I really want to see is a website that has all the things that will be on my nov ballot. I want to see each person, their party, and their views. No mudslinging. Then I want to see all the issues and their pros and cons.

Wouldn't be tough to MAKE a site like this. Have the reps sign themselves in and put in their own views (though there will have to be rules against trickery or trying to sit in the middle of the fence).
I don't want to WRITE the site... I just want to USE the site. I hate having to do my own research, cause candidates only smear the other candidate instead of actually telling us their views (Jean Schmidt is my congresswoman... not a fan of her, but her opponent is equally inept. I have no idea which to choose and will have to spend time researching it only to find that I'm screwed regardless of how I vote...). Anything like this already exist, by chance?
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New political website idea... unless its already been done..

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