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Comment: Re:Probably best (Score 1) 399

by drinkypoo (#49517089) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

Cars from the 60's-70's suck big time.

Sooo true. My first car was a 1976 Buick Century with 231 cc V6 engine, normally aspirated. The engine wasn't half-bad -- this was before emissions controls other than a PCV, EGR and catalytic converters so it *was* simple to work on -- but in every other respect it was dreadful by modern standards. 105 horsepower to move 3800+ pounds equals 0-60 in 17 seconds and 15 miles to the gallon, baby.

My first car was a 1960 Dodge Dart 2dr (Phoenix) with the 318ci V8 engine. It had 240 or 260 HP (opinions vary) and got over 20 MPG on the freeway... in spite of being 19.5' long, 6.5' wide, and about 4700 pounds wet. You can't compare the sixties and seventies at all.

Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 1) 399

by drinkypoo (#49517065) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

I know as an anti-theft "feature", some makes have coding on the radio making it impossible to replace with another OEM radio.

It doesn't do that. You just have to get the code with the radio. It decreases the value of used radios without the code, and increases the value of used radios with the code, but it doesn't devalue the radios completely.

Comment: Re:I hope he doesn't build wood frame. (Score 1) 472

by drinkypoo (#49513075) Attached to: George Lucas Building Low-Income Housing Next Door To Millionaires

If the house outlives its owner, it's done its job.

This mentality is why we can't have nice things — literally. We used to build things to last. They were so good and lasted so long that we would actually upgrade them. Now we build things to be as cheap as possible. They are so flimsy and disintegrate so quickly that we won't pay a dime more for them, either.

Now I'll grant you, it doesn't do you any good to build a home out of rough 2x6 when you site it on a flood plain, and many of our communities are in retarded locations. From that standpoint, it makes sense to build disposable homes. But in other countries, people are living in homes which have stood for hundreds of years, and they're not stick shit shacks. If they are timber structures, they're built in a way that we don't really build any more. We call it overbuilding, but that's arrogant nonsense.

Comment: Re:Look at previous disasters (Score 1) 338

The most local radio stations in Santa Cruz are the university station which is weak and an AM station which is literally in the middle of a slough at sea level.

Now I live in Kelseyville, which has three radio stations I get clearly, but all of them are repeated and I wouldn't count on 'em.

Comment: Re:Tired of this from valve (Score 1) 209

Wait, you left this anonymous comment? Because that was really fucking douchey. I assumed, since it was an anonymous comment, that comment was a reply from the same person who left this comment.

Now yeah, I did fail to put the comment together correctly — I failed to include the anonymous comment that would have made it make sense — but you failed to log in for just one comment you made in the thread.

So everything you said was factual, but it was not clear, because it wasn't clear that you said all of it.

"If you own a machine, you are in turn owned by it, and spend your time serving it..." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, _The Forbidden Tower_