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+ - Discovery of a mechanism that makes tumor cells sugar addicted->

Submitted by FirephoxRising
FirephoxRising (2033058) writes "For almost a hundred years ago is known that cancer cells feel a special appetite for a type of sugar called glucose. The tumor uses this molecule is like the gasoline which depends a sports car to burn faster and grows and multiplies rapidly. It is a little cash process from the energy point of view but allows a superaccelerated cancer cell division. It is what is known as the Warburg effect, which was described in 1927.
"The interesting part is to study whether future treatments that fight the tumor and also quit the energy source of the tumor cells, the tumor dies because it cannot easily be adapted to use other substrates for energy to survive," concludes Esteller."

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Only locally. As for the bees, a small change could be very bad for us. Asian honey bees are undomesticatable, they do pollinate, but may be very hard to deal with in fields/gardens. There are so many insects that our controlling them in local areas will not be a large impact. I'd like to see this tech extended to rodents and pest birds. Insects and rodents eat more of our food than we do, one could argue that we have artificially inflated the population of many species. I think we have the right to locally defend our areas. I also think we need to reduce our population to about 4 billion.....

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Er, it's pretty easy to drink 40 glasses of water over a week..... That's why I have a filter to block the F in my water. I brush with toothpaste and then SPIT IT OUT! Do not swallow F, it doesn't work to drink it and it may be harmful. F in water is an unmetered dose, they don't know how much you drink, concentration is not dosage. The CDC recommends against F water for those under 1 year. I'm also concerned about how f will concentrate in the food chain as it is added at all points in the production chain and then concentrated by cooking and processing.

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Put it up on high poles and allow it to only shoot down into the ground/fence and wear protective glasses when you must go out there. Or turn it off before going out. Farmers wear all sorts of PPE now, they're not going to mind new sunnies! Have to put up signs on fields/yards...... There must be frequencies that are eye safe.....

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I don't think protecting our fields/homes will seriously damage the food webs over the whole range of the species. Besides, this will allow much reduced use of pesticides, benefiting the whole environment, and the farmers through reduced costs. We can also target pests of bees, we desperately need to protect our bees so that they can pollinate our crops. This system can target small hive beetle etc and directly benefit us.

Chemist who falls in acid is absorbed in work.