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Comment Re:No comparison (Score 1) 132

Can they not have one engine that's "special" and can throttle down further, maybe at the cost of some peak power? Or have two "specials" for redundancy. I suppose it would depend on whether they need every bit of thrust on takeoff for that mission. They could maybe have the "special" version of the Falcon9 for non-max-power missions for easier landings, and only use the standard rig Falcon for the heavy launches?

Comment Re:GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 1) 357

Or even worse, you grow your traditional crop, the neighbor's GM crop's pollen contaminates it, you grow your next crop like always, and bam! The monsanto lawyers turn up and sue you for growing the GM crop without a license. Or even worse, the same thing happens and you lose your organic certification and livelihood.

Comment Re:He's not wrong (Score 1) 235

We are better off than 100 years ago, but are we better off than 50 years ago? I'm not better off than my dad was, I earn more sure, I work longer, with poorer job security, my wife has to work ful-ltime too, but I'd rather be a boomer! Life was and is setup for the boomers, they grew up in boom, had lots of good jobs always on offer, free education, super, pensions. Now it's still all for the boomers as they retire with their massive nesteggs, sell their massively appreciated houses and retire with all the money. Then we have to work longer and harder to support the aging population?!

Comment Re:The studios may not have a choice (Score 1) 106

Well get rid of exclusives! We don't need an exclusive "Australian" distributor anymore, it's digital, and you get put through to Mumbai anyway! Now that we legally have Netflix here they have generally good shows, but due to stupid archaic licensing deals, many Netflix shows are on satellite TV here and not on the local Netflix. Bet those deals wont be renewed!

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

I'd love to test this. I will once the technology is more mature. If it is just a fixed metabolism, then that sucks! You're supposed to be able to "change" your metabolism through diet and exercise, speed it up. I hope it is the bugs, then a course of nasty antibiotics followed by inoculation with "good" inefficient skinny bugs will change it. It does look like it may be so, some of the preliminary studies show weight changes with no change in kilojoule intake, after changing the bacteria.

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