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Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

I'd love to test this. I will once the technology is more mature. If it is just a fixed metabolism, then that sucks! You're supposed to be able to "change" your metabolism through diet and exercise, speed it up. I hope it is the bugs, then a course of nasty antibiotics followed by inoculation with "good" inefficient skinny bugs will change it. It does look like it may be so, some of the preliminary studies show weight changes with no change in kilojoule intake, after changing the bacteria.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

If this is true, then why hasn't my weight-gain-tendency changed after 12 years of only healthy food, exercise, being fit and healthy? Surely I should be "cured" of my fat-bugs and can now eat normally? No? Not for me buddy, I am and have always been healthy, all the tests are great. I just put on fat really easily. I eat 5MJ a day and exercise hard. I will still put on fat if I cheat, even a little.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

Yes at its most basic it is more energy in than out. But some people can gain weight on a normal healthy intake, they have to eat a reduced amount to remain stable. They need to eat even less to lose weight. The amount they need to eat to lose lots of weight faster may be very small and unless very carefully designed and supplemented, may not be healthy. They will also need weight-bearing exercise of they will lose a lot of muscle. They will be hungry, all the time. Some people are fat because they eat too much and bad foods. Some are really good at getting energy out of food and have to eat what I'm guessing would be too little to keep you healthy to lose weight. I know people who lost fat easily just by cutting out the crap and walking. I know others (I'm one of them) who eat only healthy foods and not much of them and still struggle. I also know people who cannot gain weight, despite living on about five times my daily food intake, eating junk and sitting around.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

Sorry, but it is like that. I have struggled with weight since I was 6. I ate a good diet, no junk and I was active, riding my bike to and from school, playing sports etc. But, I could not, and still cannot eat a "normal" diet without quickly gaining weight. When I was finishing my degree, fourth year was very hard and time consuming, I didn't exercise much and ate badly, by years end I was 136kg. I am now 99kg, which is OK s I'm 1.9m tall and have put on muscle. I run 50km a week, hit the gym 4 days a week, I have completed 3 Tough Mudders (the last one in 2:25) and I'm really fit, strong and healthy. But, I am also CONSTANTLY watching my food and limiting it. I am always hungry. I can't relax the eating, or the fat will quickly return. At work I was talking about this with a friend who said that I must be eating much more than I think. I challenged him to do what I do and eat only what I eat. He couldn't keep up with me, despite me still having "love handles". He also only lasted 3 days on my diet before being busted with chocolate cake at the cafe and a stash of peanut m&ms. I have seen dieticians and specialists, I am really healthy, they just say that I'm really efficient with food, I get everything out of it! I would do a fecal transfer if it meant that I could be normal and relax my routine to something like a healthy normal person.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 124

It would mean IT security and correct procedures would be much more likely to be followed.

What are the consequences for not following correct procedures at any time? Basically none. Seriously? Major problems happen, this is backed up by your own points below. IT policy is considered a list of suggestions at most companies. This is part of the problem. It would also raise the profile of IT within the organisation As an IT worker, you don't want a high profile. The tall nail gets hammered down. You don't want to be easily visible when it's time to pick a scapegoat. An IT department is doing its job when nobody knows who you are. As an individual I agree, however IT needs to take its place as a key component of business! Yes I have worked in places where they barely noticed us because everything "just works". However this creates a rod for our own backs, they can't see what we do, so they do not respect us and think we are disposable. Too often IT is treated like the red-headed step child janitor, until it hits the fan. The janitor has better job security. And when it hits the fan, it doesn't spray all over the people who caused the problem. IT, however is in the kill box. Why correct someone's behavior or train them, when it's so much easier to just fire people. Hell, they're probably mostly contractors to begin with, so they're about as disposable as a paper towel. This is part of the problem that needs to be fixed. The focus on IT needs to come from the top however, I'm not suggesting that IT just does it. Please note: not every IT problem is caused by chair moisteners out in the cube farm. Recently our IT department lost our source control server. As in it's gone. As in there were no backups. As in the source of our flagship product just went in the bit bucket. Fortunately we were able to reconstruct from local copies on people's machines, but there's really no excuse for that sort of thing. That's just stupid and unacceptable! Why was it like that?! If they wouldn't fund redundancy and backup them it's their problem and fault, not IT. This is one case where IT being highly visible is a symptom of the problem, which is gross incompetence in IT. That's being visible for the wrong reason. Being invisible because you're doing your job well is just as bad, not in and of itself, but because of how business people think, as explained above. IT needs to be an important part of any organisation, and needs to be treated as such. Your own example shows what happens when it's done wrong. We can't just quietly do our jobs, if C level people made IT a priority and running drills with full management support is part of that, then we'd be much better off. The organisation would be too, IT is vital, it needs to be treated as such.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 124

Yes there should be. It would mean IT security and correct procedures would be much more likely to be followed. It would also raise the profile of IT within the organisation. Too often IT is treated like the red-headed step child janitor, until it hits the fan.

Comment Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

Of course they made some advances, mostly however they did "borrow" from other cultures (0 from Hindu culture etc.) and like below says there were pre-islam advances. My main point was that we don't follow rules from the bronze/iron/dark/middle ages because they're totally inappropriate today. If they can't work out which bits are totally wrong for modern society (not hard), then islam need their own "Vatican Two" re-write with rules for today. They can keep 95% of it and chop out the barbaric/stupid/intolerant/slaving parts.

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