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Comment: Lion Food (Score 2) 199

by bmo (#47438431) Attached to: New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

Two lions who, escaping from the zoo, split up to increase their chances but agree to meet after 2 months. When they finally meet, one is skinny and the other overweight. The thin one says: âoeHow did you manage? I ate a human just once and they turned out a small army to chase me â" guns, nets, it was terrible. Since then I've been reduced to eating mice, insects, even grass.â The fat one replies: âoeWell, I hid outside the door at One Microsoft Way and ate a manager a day. And nobody even noticed!â


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by cayenne8 (#47428007) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

Said someone about every president since WW2. You guys elected him twice, collectively you fucking love the guy.

Hey, don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!!


But seriously, I used to think Carter was the worst, and I wasn't terribly happy with Bush Jr., but Obama, ugh.

I used to think it was just his agenda, but I'm starting to think it is more fully explained by incompetence. I used to joke and ask my friends that voted for him "How's that Hope and Change" working out for you.

Not anymore, I'm frankly a bit scared about the US and the world. He has no answer and seems to really not even care about:

Problems in Libya, Syria (draws imaginary line in sand when not going to back it up), ISIS coming in from Syria, Our southern US border currently being overrun by illegals, when he actually COULD with a swipe of his pen, fix the problem there, or at least send national guard and militarize the damned thing, economy still in the toilet, etc.

He's a great speaker with a teleprompter and good politician (for getting elected), but I think as far as presidency, he's in way over his head and I'm frankly worried about the state of the world under his last 2x years.

Comment: Re:Why is Obama doing this . . . ? (Score -1, Flamebait) 215

by cayenne8 (#47426877) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

I would have thought that Obama would have told his spooks to lay off for a while. But instead, it seems that he has racketed up the spying on Germany.

Can someone tell me what Obama is trying to achieve by this? I mean, there must be some purpose behind all this. I just can't figure it out.

Have you stopped to think that it might just be that he's a fucking idiot?

I mean, so far, in the polls, he's already being rated as the worst president since WW2. And he had some serious "talent" to beat out in that contest, you know?

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by Kjella (#47413153) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

I'll disagree on that. We use white space to communicate our programs' block structure to other humans. Why should we use a different syntax to tell the compiler the same information?

IMHO it's far easier to logically get it right with braces and pretty-print it for proper indentation than fiddling around with whitespace.

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by cayenne8 (#47410711) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

This is just flat out wrong. Have you ever actually seen a 1099? If you are paying an individual, the SSN is the tax id, and must be listed on the form. If you are paying a corporation, then you don't use a 1099.

Not so, I contract, I am an individual working for my own S-corp.

I have never given out my SSN when being paid 1099 through my company.

I give out only my TIN, they pay me with checks, and at EOY I get a 1099 from them for my tax purposes.

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by Kjella (#47409439) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

That's revisionist history, ludicrously so. Marx never foresaw anything of the sort. He believed firmly in the labor theory of value, and as such all economic power derived from human labor, not from mechanical power. Communism was about combating the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few people who owned the means of production, at the expense of the masses who provided the labor (and hence the real value).

It is not very hard to re-frame Marx in terms of the knowledge worker, where the owner of the means of production like the [e-tail site/online bank/search engine/social networking site] exploits the individual developers who produce the system but alone are insignificant and replaceable leading to a race to the bottom where providing the labor is greatly underpaid while stock owners and other capital holders make off with the profits. That does of course not exclude the possibility that capital owners will pay off unique individuals and start-ups that threaten to shift the competitive landscape or compete with the existing companies, but more of a global mutual interest among all companies to depress wages.

Even in the absence of formal collusion it's not hard to reach a form of unwritten understanding in direct and transparent competition of substitute goods. For example on the way to work there are two gas stations quite literally across the road from each other, if one drops the price of course the other will follow. So what makes them profit most, both high or both low prices? Now apply the same to store clerk wages, of course neither has an interest in raising the general wages. It is really the same when you see Google/Apple/Microsoft/whatever involved in anti-poaching agreements, surely they could just poach back but it'd raise the wage costs for everyone so better if they don't.

I do agree though that he thought the actual value lay with the labor, not the machinery but I guess you can equally apply this to software, doesn't really all value of the code stem from the one who developed it? Granted, he got paid for it but whether that pay is fair is another matter. Remember, Marx never claimed the workers were forced to work anywhere at gun point. What he said was that all the choices were bad ones and workers were exploited no matter who they worked for. It's not like market economists dispute that companies would lower labor costs if they could either, they just refuse to do something about it. If the supply and demand don't add up to a wage you're comfortable with do something else.

Of course we won't run out of jobs as such, but when there's more people wanting jobs than there are jobs, real wages start trending downwards as workers undercut each other. The relative wealth between those with capital and those who work for a living diverges and it becomes harder and harder to join them as their holdings increase faster than any savings you can make. As long as human labor remains essential to the function of society, we can still unite and strike for higher wages though. If we're no longer essential and the system runs on robotics, software and a few scabs until we go back to work, well then we're in deep shit.

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by cayenne8 (#47407853) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

Unless the doctor is incorporated, the SSN is the tax id.

Err, if the said Dr. is in business and is not incorporated, he's quite a fool.

They didn't. The gave out their SSN because this is directly related to SS transactions. The doctors receive payments from the insurance company, and those payments must be reported to the IRS on a 1099 form, and that must include the tax id, which is the SSN.

Err, no. there is NO place to fill out SS on a 1099 payment. That is precisely where you have and use your TIN (Tax Identification Number), You only give your SS on your Personal tax forms at EOY in that situation.

No, there is no valid reason a Physician should be giving out his personal SS for a business transaction, especially if it is a 1099 and NOT a W2 type form. Taxes are NOT taken out of 1099â¦.you are responsible for that on your own at EOY.

he sooner we move away from the idiotic notion that the same number should be used for both identification and authentication, and thus must be simultaneously both widely known and secret.

ON this I heartily agree.

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by cayenne8 (#47407811) Attached to: Coddled, Surveilled, and Monetized: How Modern Houses Can Watch You
I know I'm getting old, but more and moreâ¦I"m going retro, and analog.

I'm still mobile enough to get off my ass, and change the manual thermostat, etc.

WTF would I give out my energy info? I make enough $$ to pay them monthly, etc.

They only have a need to know if I"m having a problem paying, nothing more.

I just don't' get it when folks voluntarily give out SO much info on themselves. I don't see it being long till this really starts biting people in the ass.

Comment: Re:Good news though (Score 4, Informative) 74

by cayenne8 (#47406577) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers
This was my first thought, WTF are they using SS on this type of report at all?!!?

I mean, if they need a record of the physician's business, why not use the Federal Tax ID? Why in the world would anyone give out a SS number in this day in age for anything besides something that is directly related to SS transactions (taxes, payments, etc)?

I don't give my SS to anyone except the bank and for SS tax purposes. My last power company tried to insist I give it to them, when I asked WTF they needed this for simply connecting power they said for a 'credit check'. I talked further and found out they'd take a deposit in lieu of this and that's the road I took. I got the deposit refunded about 6mos later I think.

But seriously, there not a THING these days that should or does require a SS# to be given. However, sometimes, sadly, you DO need to be persistent in your insistence that they don't need it. Speak to a mgr or two if need be, but don't' give it out.

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KDE and Qt are synonymous with C++. They prove that C++ is the best language around

LOL, the only reason C++ is tolerable is Qt and only if you avoid screwing with resources yourself and let QObjects handle the mess, it's still full of leftover ugly from the 70s that neither Java, C# nor Swift choose to handle the same way. The problem is that creating a good language, a good compiler and a comprehensive system library (practically a must today IMO) is a huge job and without a big company like Sun/Oracle (Java), Microsoft (C#) or Apple (Swift) backing it you'll never get off the ground.

"Engineering without management is art." -- Jeff Johnson