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+ - The bane of restaurants - Smartphones->

Submitted by Strudelkugel
Strudelkugel (594414) writes "A restaurant in Manhattan compared video from 2004 and 2014 to see why service was slower than before. A few observations listed in the article:
Customers walk in.
They gets seated and are given menus, out of 45 customers 3 request to be seated elsewhere.
Customers on average spend 8 minutes before closing the menu to show they are ready to order...
Customers walk in.
Customers get seated and is given menus, out of 45 customers 18 requested to be seated elsewhere.
Before even opening the menu they take their phones out, some are taking photos while others are simply doing something else on their phone (sorry we have no clue what they are doing and do not monitor customer WIFI activity)."

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+ - Question: Can I leave DRMd content I've bought from Amazon to anyone in my will?-> 1

Submitted by User8201
User8201 (573530) writes "I was just wondering if anyone knows what happens to all my Kindle e-books, etc. when I die! Can I leave them to someone as an inheritance? Will Amazon delete my account when thy discover I'm no longer living? Because "print" books (as well as non-DRM'd content I can download) can be left for other people to inherit. Maybe people in the future will only have old dead tree books to remember us by, and will have no idea about any newer stuff that we might have read in this time period online.

I almost wish Amazon would use a "key escrow" service ala the Clipper fiasco to make sure people in the future can decrypt the archive of DRM'd content we may accumulate in our lifetime. (Kindle can store files on my hard drive, but I don't think anyone will be able to read them without the encryption keys, courtesy of DRM!)

Does anyone know the answer?"

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Comment: Re:Wow, what a bitch... (Score 5, Funny) 59

“Meteorite” means a rock that has already fallen from the sky, and we have plenty of those. A rock still floating around in space is called an “asteroid”.

And just in case you’re unsure what those other words mean, when you go outside “sky” is what's above your head, “rock” is what your head is made of, and “space” is like what's inside your head except it isn’t as close to a perfect vacuum.

+ - New "Acandescent" Light Bulbs to Challenge LEDs and CFLs->

Submitted by braindrainbahrain
braindrainbahrain (874202) writes "An outfit in Massachusetts is poise to offer — no, make that "is offering" — consumer light bulbs based on induction technology, challenging the market share of LED and CFL light bulbs. Induction lighting, long used in industrial applications, was invented by none other than Nikola Tesla, and said Massachusetts company has miniaturized the technology enough to fit an implementation in a standard light bulb size."
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+ - Do Bullies ever grow up? Do they ever get their come uppance?->

Submitted by Shivantrill
Shivantrill (654978) writes "I am a 53 year old woman.
You can imagine the wonders and horrors I have seen and experienced. Nothing is more personal than being bullied.
I was bullied in school. My bullies grew up to be the titans of industry. Back then, they were considered mean, now they are good business people, assertive, go-getters, captains of industry. They never grew up. Their tactivs change. They are careful not to be too offensive. If I am hurt by something they have said, I am the wussy. I am at fault. HR does nothing. Management does nothing.As long as they do not call me an old hag, the labor dept does nothing.

Have you been bullied. Are you a bully? What does one do? Buck up? Get over it? This is what HR tells me. Management says its time to move on.

I say NO. Bulliying is not right under any circumstamces. I don't care oif you made a million dollar sale, you broke and ruined a person in the process.A good person. A perspn with a family and frinds and dreams and a future.I am not a violent person and I would love to kick your smug little ass to the ground and watch you cry. I don't think you cry.I don't think you feel.

Will karma ever det you? Or will yo always win and i will alwys lose.

Cimmenxe the dicussion. by the way judging from past discussions the bully will be sided with. I am prepared. I am a broken person. If it makes you feel good, break me more. Bullies love that."

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+ - A fast look at Swift, Apple's new programming language->

Submitted by simeontuoyo
simeontuoyo (2900143) writes "If anyone outside Apple saw Swift coming, they certainly weren't making any public predictions. In the middle of a keynote filled with the sorts of announcements you'd expect (even if the details were a surprise), Apple this week announced that it has created a modern replacement for the Objective-C, a programming language the company has used since shortly after Steve Jobs founded NeXT.

Swift wasn't a "sometime before the year's out"-style announcement, either. The same day, a 550-page language guide appeared in the iBooks store. Developers were also given access to Xcode 6 betas, which allow application development using the new language. Whatever changes were needed to get the entire Cocoa toolkit to play nice with Swift are apparently already done.

While we haven't yet produced any Swift code, we have read the entire language guide and looked at the code samples Apple provided. What follows is our first take on the language itself, along with some ideas about what Apple hopes to accomplish."

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+ - Xanadu Is Finally Released — After 54 Years In The Making->

Submitted by redletterdave
redletterdave (2493036) writes "“Project Xanadu,” designed by hypertext inventor Ted Nelson to let users build documents that automatically embed the sources they’re linking back to and show the visible connections between parallel webpages, was released in late April at a Chapman University event. Thing is, development on Xanadu began in 1960 — that’s 54 years ago — making it the most delayed software in history."
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