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+ - Swedish Pirate Party to Host New WikiLeaks Servers-> 1

Submitted by Ezel
Ezel (249772) writes "The Pirate Party will host several new WikiLeaks servers. This was agreed during Julian Assange’s visit to Stockholm last weekend, and the Pirate Party is happy to announce that everything has been finalized.
Last week, the Pirate Party challenged the other Swedish parties to assist WikiLeaks in its democratic effort. The Pirate Party has been the first to step up uo the plate, and keeps calling on others to defend freedom of the press in Sweden. As a result, WikiLeaks have commissioned a number of new servers that will be hosted and taken care of by the Pirate Party.

The Pirate Party will provide bandwidth and hosting to WikiLeaks free of charge as part of its political mission."

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+ - The Pirate Bay spokes person Peter Sunde Quits->

Submitted by Ezel
Ezel (249772) writes "In a blogpost on his personal blogg, Peter Sunde, the spokes person for The Pirate Bay, today says he will give up that position:
"The past years I've been very active in the discussion of the current state and the future states of the internets. It's an important cause and I will not give the fight up.
However, I have decided to not be the spokes person for The Pirate Bay anymore. The reasons are many but most importantly it takes too much of my time.""

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