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Comment Re:SQL has no place in applikation persistance. (Score 1) 193

Thank you. I've been saying this for years. I'm glad someone else can see that the Emperor has no clothes.

SQL sucks. Not the concept of a relational database; that's something that's pretty cool. But the so-called "Structured Query Language" used to interact with the database is the worst affront to programming ever(*). It's not bad for user interaction, and I know it was an easy path to hacking in database support for languages that didn't have it. But for crying out loud, continuing to use it is just like passing a single string to the shell for execution. You never do that, you use execv() or whatever your language has for a wrapper around it. At the very least you should be able to do the same damned thing for your database!

(* One could argue that PHP or AppleScript are worse. I won't quibble.)

Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 4, Insightful) 37

And get rid of the whole pro wrestling everything's-a-grudge-match coverage. In fact, get rid of the sports commentators in the green-screen studio altogether. I know they're trying to pretend it's a real sporting event but I feel that they're losing their core audience by playing up all the tropes that engineers tend to hate.

Comment Stick with low-tech (Score 2) 151

I tried to go all high-tech this year. What a disaster! First, let me tell you that when the manual for the revivification table says it needs a bolt of lightning, you can't just substitute wall current. You need real lightning or you don't jump-start the corpse, you just end up charring the internal organs. Right away that puts a requirement on the weather and limits you to working during thunderstorms. And you don't want to deal with a thunderstorm on Halloween night. That keeps all the trick-or-treaters home. It's getting harder and harder these days to lure kids into your basement. Halloween's the one time of year when kids are *supposed* to accept candy from creepy guys in poorly-lit houses! You don't want a little thing like the weather screwing up that chance or you might not harvest enough test subjects to last through the year.

Next year I'm going back to good old-fashioned necromancy, just like we did when I was a kid. Sure, it takes a little longer and the entrails really make a mess, but you know you're going to get an unliving minion out of it instead of just a charred corpse that's too burned even to bother to eat. With necromancy, even if the ritual goes wrong the worst that could happen is you'll end up with an unholy abomination that will try to turn on its creator. Anyone who can't handle that once in a while doesn't deserve to call himself "mad".

Comment Re:I'm all Afrin now (Score 2) 310

Afrin is pure, unadulterated evil.

Preach it, brother! My parents were hooked on Dristan nasal spray and I ended up hooked on it as a teenager. I had a serious dependency on it all through high school, especially when trying to sleep. I decided to go nearly cold-turkey in college which led to many sleepless nights due to feeling like I was suffocating and a roommate who almost punched me for snoring when I finally did get to sleep. It was worth finally kicking the habit, though.

I don't know that it should be banned. It's wonderful stuff when you're suffering a cold but you really need to stop using it when the cold is gone.

Comment Re:It's a good idea, but shouldn't be on by defaul (Score 1) 212

Apologies. I had mis-read your initial post as wanting email and IM in order to work.

I still think you're unfairly blaming the other users, though. Blame the provider. Any decent network config should easily transport email and IM even when it's so clogged as to make video unwatchable. They probably over-prioritize audio and video to avoid buffering issues to the point of completely destroying everything else. It's not the fault of the other people. After all, they're just using the service they paid for. It's the fault of the service provider for under-provisioning that location and for prioritizing streaming video such that it trumps everything else.

Comment Re:It's a good idea, but shouldn't be on by defaul (Score 1) 212

it makes me angry to see the people streaming video on their phone like their entertainment is more important than everyone else who wants their email and IM to work.

And what makes you think your work is so much more important than someone else's entertainment? Seriously. Your work does not trump someone else's play simply because it's "work".

Besides, IM and email are low bandwidth activities. The streaming video should be rendered unwatchable by network congestion long before you have any difficulty with your precious email. This particular problem is self-limiting.

Comment Catch-22 (Score 1) 239

I love some of Lessig's ideas, but he doesn't have a prayer of getting into any position to implement them. The current electoral system is rigged so that only the two major parties have any hope of getting a candidate elected to national office. You have to get inside the system in order to have the power to change it -- But why in the world would either party allow in someone whose stated goal is to upset the apple cart and make it harder for the party to win in the future?

The only people in favor of electoral reform are those outside the system. The ones inside the system benefit too much from the status quo.

Comment The future is here! (Score 2) 94

I just had Amazon sneakernet some movies to me. Instead of suffer that tedious streaming download I had them put the data on optical disks and mail them to me. When they get here I'll rip them to my hard drive and be all set! That's customer service you just can't get from Hulu. I expect this sort of download to really take off over the next few years.

Comment This sounds familiar (Score 5, Insightful) 370

"OMG! Like, Tiffany? She totally told Heather that I had sex with Trevor. I mean, no way! He's such a dork! Anyway, Heather told Megan who told Sierra who wrote a note and passed it around 7th hour band and now everyone in the school thinks Trevor and me are an item! My life is like totally ruined! Now I'm afraid no one will ask me to the prom because they're all gonna think I'm a slut!"

That's what you sound like, and your doxxing problems are going to be about as meaningful a year from now. Your life will suck for a short period of time, then everyone will forget about you and move on to the next bit of juvenile drama.

If you're honestly concerned about your safety (not just your reputation, that damage will blow over and be forgotten) take the evidence to the police and get real legal advice instead of asking a bunch of jerkwads on a random tech web site.

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