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Comment How do they validate the security of the client? (Score 1) 259 259

Not much bleeding point in having the most secure voting software in the universe if the client's OS or GUI is compromised. This is what TOR users found out when the NSA broke not the TOR network, but simply hacked the user's browsers and got them to betray themselves.

Comment Open Source car firmware pls (Score 1) 160 160

Forget the infotainment/bugging crap - we have that already and it's called a smartphone. What we need is Open Source and Open Standard systems for controlling the car and - new kid on the block - battery management.

Real hardware and software already exist in projects like Tumanako which even have the foresight to integrate with distributed power generation systems. But no, big auto manufacturers still focusing on bling that will date faster than a Miley Cyrus video.

Submission + - Why Not Replace SSL Certificates With PGP Keys? 9 9

vik writes: The whole SSL process has been infiltrated by the NSA, GCSB and other n'er-do-wells. If governments want a man-in-the-middle certificate they simply issue a secret gagging order to the CA to make them issue one. Consequently "certified" SSL certificates can no longer be trusted. Ironically self-issued certificates are more secure, but not easily verified.

However, PGP/GPG keys can be trusted and independently verified. They are as secure as we can get for now. Why not replace the broken SSL CA system with GPG/PGP encryption keys? Make the NSA-infiltrated stuff obsolete, and rely on a real-world web of trust?

Comment Not all PLA is made from maize (Score 4, Informative) 128 128

It's made from sugarbeet, milk waste, and current pilot plants are looking at cellulosic production piggybacking on ethanol research. Only in the US where agricultural subsidies encourage it is it made from maize. That's a political problem, not a biological problem.

Comment Distributed solutions the way to go (Score 3, Informative) 83 83

Not just a Saudi problem - Obama thinks snooping on messages is just fine and dandy as long as it is not done to members of his Master Race. So far. May I once more bring people's attention to the Open and Free SMS encryption via the Textsecure Android app, and the disaster- (and government-) resistant mesh networking of Project Byzantium which now runs on a Raspberry Pi. They are becoming more and more relevant, and soon we shall have to switch to darknets to do anything non-commercial. Get with the program early, folks.

Submission + - New Zealand to eliminate software patents 1 1

vik writes: New Zealand Commerce Minister Craig Foss finally admitted defeat, and removed the controversial "as such" clause from the patent reform bill that would have allowed software patents in New Zealand. The indigenous IT sector is celebrating, overseas IT monoliths and patent lawyers not so much.

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