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Comment: No Community Consensus Here (Score 2) 69

He has been saying this for a while, most recently (to my knowledge) at the recent Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG) meeting in DC. I was there and have to say that the community (at least, the sample of the community in that room) did not come to even rough consensus on his proposal, and was in fact split roughly 50-50. There is, however, a pretty strong consensus on the funding of a asteroid survey mission, an infrared telescope on an interior orbit to the Earth to find most of the possible "city-buster" NEA. This is pretty much what the B612 foundation is proposing, but they haven't raised the money yet, nor is on any NASA funding plans.

My own personal opinion, FWIW, is that Binzel is wrong and that the ARM mission is a first good step to Mars.

Comment: Re:Random observation, on Google vs. Apple payment (Score 4, Insightful) 249

by iluvcapra (#48263387) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

I wonder why Apple is seen as a threat more? Their network of friends? Number of potential users can't be it - many more Android phones than iPhone 6s.

My understanding is that even on NFC-equipped Android phones, Google never had a proper deployment strategy; they only partnered with a few card issuers, they didn't really work with any merchants to get them on board, Verizon blocked their app on their phones, it was only limited to the US, etc.

Over that first weekend, we know now that ApplePay adoption was in the millions, and in those first few days CVS probably saw this deluge of NFC transactions and were like, the jig is up, the train is leaving the station, and if we continue to allow NFC transactions through the 2014 Christmas season the Payments War will be over and CurrenC won't have even been a contender.

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by CrimsonAvenger (#48259057) Attached to: Open Consultation Begins On Italy's Internet Bill of Rights

Any person shall have the same right to access the Internet on equal terms, using appropriate and up-to-date technologies that remove all economic and social barriers. The fundamental right to Internet access must be ensured with respect to its substantive pre-conditions, not only as the mere possibility of connecting to the Internet.
Access shall include freedom of choice with regard to operating systems, software, and applications.
The effective protection of the right to Internet access requires appropriate public intervention to overcome all forms of digital divide - based on cultural, infrastructural or economic factors particularly as regards accessibility by persons with disabilities.

Hey, free computers for everyone! I like that.

And there's the freedom of choice of OS - can I get the Cray Operating System? If not, where's my "free choice"? What, they'd have to give me a Cray-1 to use that OS? Not a problem, I've always wanted a Cray-1....

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by mbone (#48257521) Attached to: Antares Rocket Explodes On Launch

You know that's kind of old school. There is this new technology called "digital communications" which means that they can read the instruments from miles away, removing the need for the bunker since the mid 1960's or so. There were no bunkers for the Saturn V (I believe the first Saturn I flights still had them) or the Shuttle - everything was monitored from ~ 3 miles away. At the Cape the Range Safety Officer looks at computer screens at the Range Operations Control Center at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (probably 10 or 15 miles from the NASA launch sites on Merritt Island), and I am pretty sure similar practices are followed at Wallops.

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