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Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 272 272

What kind of retort is that? I just stated that it is a problem with epidemic proportions, that is strongest in the Western world. WTF? Are you going to tell me that the first world is not suffering from obesity, diabetes and cancer? And that those conditions are not on the raise [normalized for population] nicely coinciding with the whole "all fat is bad, eat sugar" scam? Seriously, WTF?!?

I live in the Netherlands, BTW, which is one of the better places in this respect [US and UK being among the worst]. Do you think that I am wasting my time to try fooling someone here? To what end? I have seen the results of vast world-wide scientific studies on gut flora. My own doctor is part of the project. Having healthy balance in the gut is the exception, not the norm!!! That is how far we have gone down this road. Seriously, it's juts science and data, data , data....

If you prefer to believe people who have vested interest in suppressing the facts, that's you own problem, but fuck it, just go to PubMed and start reading. Take a look at the TED talks on the subject. Do some research, man!

And lastly - I challenge you to not eat grain and sugar for 1 month and then introduce it back. Just do it and come back to me...

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 2) 272 272

Look, there is no denying of the impact grains had on the development of civilization.

But on the other hand what AC said is also true. I went through the whole thing - a decade of suffering until I was told to stop eating grains. I am not gluten intolerant or something like that. Now, the story of course is way more complicated than it sounds. Why could I eat grains for 30 years and then suddenly I could not? My gut flora is terribly out of balance. What caused it? According to the medics I did not give them [gut bugs of all kinds] enough job by always eating stuff that gets processed in the small intestine. Too much sugar. Too much easy carbs in general [grain]. So, If I want to be healthy and productive at the moment grains are forbidden. Every few weeks I experiment once a day to see if I can process them again. So far the result is negative [one year on the diet]. This makes my life very difficult and expensive, but there it is...

Last point - once I started paying attention to all this and talk to people I discovered that almost anyone around me is in a certain stage of the downwind spiral of imbalanced gut. People do not realize that the feeling of tiredness, too much gas, bloated gut, compromised immune system, joint pain and god knows what else can be traced to the performance of their guts [60% of immune system response is from the gut]. Whether it is eating too much carbs, or too much E numbers, or toxic metals or lack of minerals in food due to accelerated growth practices, too much sugar ...ect. all those things push a bit until your system is out of balance and you are fucked. That is why I am in principle against even more experimenting with food - we already have many bad practices and many bad habits. The natural food pyramid has easy carbs at the top [least available]; the food habits of the modern civilization has the piramyd inverted [mortal fear from fats;extremely stupid idea BTW and carbs, carbs, carbs..].

Don't forget that stomach cancer is on the rise consistently in the developed world and that regions in the world who are adopting the western food habits experience increase in obesity, diabetes and cancer. It really is like this - ATM the Arab world, China, Latin America - they are all on the rise.

Comment Re:100 million quest to waste 100 million (Score 1) 208 208

"And while some rate of rotation is essential for evening out weather, there is nothing sacred about Earth's specific rotation rate."

I concur. According to the documentary "First life" when evolution started the day on Earth was merely 6 hours long.

What made me an impression though, was the speculation of how "snowball Earth" promoted the evolution of oxygen secreting microbs and kick-started the whole multi-celular life as oxygen gave more energy available to the future organisms [aerobic metabolism]. That event seems to me to be kind of "lucky" - I wonder if on other planets pure chemical reactions without life being involved can lead to free oxygen and promote similar evolutionary path...

Comment diet/stress/genes (Score 1) 285 285

For me the greatest change was adopting low carb diet and exercising. However, I think I did this a bit too late [at 40]. So now I can do a lot more than a year a ago and I mean a lot more [figure and fitness level are as a young man]...but the skin is not very elastic anymore so in the face I kind of aged [smoking for 20 years does not help].

Stress - the biggest killer. A few years worrying all the time about health [the system fucked me] , my relationship [dying, now totally dead] and financial troubles [stemming from health] really, really aged me.

Genetics has a lot to do with it too [messa thinks] grandmother had baby skin at 72 when she died [she looked like Merlin Monroe as young woman] . She never smoked but drunk quite a bit. My mother at 67 looks at least a decade younger and without her life-time smoking it would have been much better. Next to her sister you see that the smoking aged her skin quite a bit but mom had better diet so aunty is smooth in the face but not so energetic, agile and resilient compared to mom.

Another thing I have noticed with my grandparents is the importance of the will to live. From my father side both were classical farmers. Whole life waking up at and work and work....but once they decided to sell the house and the farm and move closer to the capital where both sons were living they collapsed. Although the idea was exactly the opposite - that they'd be closer to family, easier to receive help, enjoy their retirement with grand kids... somehow it went exactly the other way. Once they were torn away from the life they knew since forever they both aged quickly, got all kinds of illnesses and eventually passed away...

Go figure....

Comment Re:The First Rule of Bacterial Fight Club (Score 2) 30 30

That's right! Instead find the phage that kills it and make a medicine...

For the life of me I cannot understand why the phage treatment was never developed in the west to complement [and in some cases replace altogether] antibiotics. The only reason I can think off is profit. It will be difficult to patent phage strain that is naturally found in the sewer system of a hospital. Also, phages are cheap and we don't want cheap effective medicine, do we? And thus thousands of people in the so called developed nations die from super bugs every year. Those people could have been saved by a bunch of medical professionals from an institute [that looks like the stage for a B horror movie] created by Stalin [see the documentary below; it's very interesting]

Comment Re:The UK doesn't have a 2nd. (Score 1) 219 219

Sorry, you are the idiot. The number of 60 million includes WWI, Civil war, Stalinist repressions and WWII. It is right there in the article you cite. Here is the whole excerpt:

Excess deaths over the course of World War I and the Russian Civil War (including the postwar famine) amounted to a combined total of 18 million,[114] some 10 million in the 1930s,[29] and more than 26 million in 1941–5. The postwar Soviet population was 45 to 50 million smaller than it would have been if pre-war demographic growth had continued.[35] According to Catherine Merridale, "... reasonable estimate would place the total number of excess deaths for the whole period somewhere around 60 million."

Also, the population of USSR during Stalinist repressions was below 180 million. Look at the graph they show in the very same Wiki article:

Notice that they are at 180 million the 50-ties, while the great Stalinist purge was in the end of the 30-ies.

I do not endorse anything evil done by the fake communists - I am myself from a former communist state. But the amazing BULSHIT that westerners are misled to believe about eastern Europe and USSR are BEYOND imagination. Seriously, get a grip!

Comment Re:Why would the festival cooperate? (Score 1) 134 134

Like, the company will actually TELL you the real reasons for not hiring you....some years ago I once caught the HRM of my company when a bit drunk and she admitted to me that she would never hire anyone with a tattoo....I was shocked beyond believe, because we are talking about cutting edge semiconductor company with more than 50% of the staff with MSc. and 30% with PhD.

The chance that you find any "normal" person in my company is close to zero...unless you go to the HR office, the finance or the administration. Everyone who actually does the job is say the least. To expect that creative hyper-thinkers would conform to common appearances is lunacy.

Comment Business as usual (Score 1) 419 419

Picture the scene:

Engineer: CEO-san we need to move those back-up generators to higher ground in case big tsunami hits us.
CEO: how high of a tsunami are we talking about?
Engineer: pretty high
CEO: what is the chance that such tsunami comes our way
Engineer : about once every 500 years
CEO: and how much this relocation will cost?
Engineer: it will eat 2% of the profit for a year
CEO: are you nuts? You think I will go in front of the shareholders and tell them they'd get 2% less this year because of something that might happen ONCE in 500 fucking years?! I am here for another 10 years and I retire after that. I'll take the risk that this will not happen on MY watch. And here is a wakizashi, go and commit harakiri right now you insolent brat!
Engineer: yes CEO-san

Only....the next CEO will say the same; the next one too...and over time the chances that the big tsunami will come approaches....1, while every CEO sees it as "no chance it will happen on my watch; I am only here for X number of years where X is way smaller than 500".

Disclaimer: I realize that no power plant will operate for 500 years but I also realize that once in 500 years can also mean tomorrow.

Conclusion: never run critical infrastructure, health care, education, military, police and transport on profit motive only. The real profit of those things running smoothly and efficiently regardless of "cost" is way higher than the profit a company will make running it, but this huge profit will be distributed over the whole of the economy rather than a much smaller profit in the pockets of a corporation, while the LOSSES incurred by them running the business badly is soaked by all of us.

Example: for every Nederlander on /. - anything to say about the NS [trains] and the health care system of the Netherlands once they were privatized and began to run ONLY on profit motive? The NS is lying like nobody's business about the delays [you know they consider cancelled trains as not delayed -those do not go into any statistics about the quality of service; those trains do not exists!WTF?!?] and spread the losses by not delivering millions of people to work on time. I won't be surprise if for every million they make they incur losses to all businesses that is 10 times higher. As for the health care system....well enough said [otherwise I'd have to write a novel]....

Comment Re:slowly unfurling crisis? (Score 2) 637 637

Consider this. You have a group of people say at work. Say, the management begins to take decisions that damage morale for whatever reason. In the beginning only a few people grumble, over time you begin to see some talents going away but you still take new recruits and although the project naturally slows down you are still not worried. Until one day, morale collapses catastrophically, 50% leave on the spot and you go bust.

Thus the slow change eventually led to catastrophic failure. Many processes in Nature and society behave like this. The example above is how exactly morale works [I have seen it in practice and the supervisory board chairman of the said company, a man with great experience in business agreed with me that that is exactly how it works.. Its not like you have 1 kilo of morale and you can afford to take away a few grams every day until it is gone - no, when you are down to say 500 grams all of it will disappear overnight provoking catastrophe.

Same with fucking the ecosystem [climate, water, food, pollution, everything] - like the Internet it routs up around damage, but eventually if you blow enough holes it collapses catastrophically.

Comment Re:Not enough room? Not enough food? (Score 1) 692 692

Ohh no, not this fallacious argument again.....please read this comment of mine and explain why is it better to have 20 billion fungi eaters on earth rather than 3 billion meat eaters.

and also read this and tell me why do you think there is not enough food NOW for all people [there actually is].

Comment Re:Who modded this crap up? (Score 2) 138 138

Well, the censorship goes for the paper versions as well...I guess it is easier to do it in electronic format. My reply is off-topic but I just could not let this comment pass. The book market, being in the hands of corporations suffers from two issues at least:

- General censorship - only authors that are not "too controversial" are published. It is those corporations that decide which author deserves publicity, so you can have excellent books that no-one ever heard of. I have read very serious articles from all kinds of scholars on the subject [publishers, authors, journalists, ect.] and they all agree that our very culture [music, literature, cinema] is steered by corporations. It's a bit like the google echo-chamber where over time you get only the hits that you "like".

- Particular censorship - I have encountered two examples myself. One is the recent, rather popular book called "the Martian". A friend of mine downloaded somehow the last draft just before publishing. We found out that paragraphs and in some cases whole pages are missing in the officially published version. And the cut out parts were all biting, sarcastic comments on the state of humanity [very insightful observations actually]. The other censored book is also an excellent read from a modern Russian author [V. Pelevin]. In his book "Generation P" entitled in the US as "Babylon" 2 pages are missing from the first chapter because....hold on to your discusses in a very humorous way why only Pepsi was available in the USSR but not Coke, whereas in the the US Coke is bigger than Pepsi. Can you imagine the lengths at which this people will go - to censor a book that would have been read by no more than a few thousand Americans? I know the corporations did it, cause I have a friend whose job is to monitor the entire media [including Internet] of my motherland for mentions of corporations and she reports every single day to them so they can take action if they deem it necessary....they are interest what is written about them in a obscure blog in an insignificant country!!! Disgusting...

Comment Re:Missing the key point (Score 1) 421 421

Good points!

I'd add that thinking over alien invasion is, IMO, more straightforward than speculating about AI. Ironically, if I remember correctly, it was prof. Hawking that was against looking for aliens because "they will steal our resources"

Which resources? you mean things like....I don't know...water, sand, metals, hydrocarbons.....stuff in general. Stuff, that can be found in vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly enormous quantities EVERYWHERE else but on planet Earth for example. You mean those aliens who would have the technology to cross the interstellar distances won't have the option to mine asteroids or take resources from the unimaginably huge quantities of cosmic debris; from planets [the vast majority] that would never harbor life; are they gonna burn OIL in their FTL engines? And even if they do they'd come for our oil rather than look around for their local version of Titan!?

This is soooo nuts that I am afraid I lost my trust in the man altogether.

Comment Re:Stupid reasoning. (Score 1) 1094 1094

It is proven that you need rest time to be highly efficient during the working hours. Take a look at productivity per hour work. You'd find that the countries with the lowest working hours per week score the highest. I work 8 hrs per day but when I was int he US some honest people from my profession told me whispering that they'd dilute their effort because it is simply an utopia to expect the same level of intensity when you pull 12hrs per day rather than 8.

Rest, spending time with family and friends, having enough to support yourself means dignity, means lower stress and from there [much] lower health costs [include here the better food that you can afford], lower crime [lower cost of security], lower suicide rate....the benefits for SOCIETY are enormous. I am sorry but anyone who argues against this is not living in reality and is bringing more water for the mill of evil..

I am sick of that evil game where business privatazes the profit and socializes the losses....

Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982