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Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 502

The idea that there are over 110 climate scientists needed to make models in Australia alone is preposterous. Model making consists of little more than taking data sets and making correlations, then checking for internal consistency. Until new data becomes available, nothing more can be done.

This is a job for one person, maybe with a secretary. Anything more is evidence of a political machine.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 502

Existing global climate models are useless to predict a few years but are the best thing we have to predict what the long term averages for climate will be.

That's a joke, right? The models are no good when tested against the data we have, but those same models are the best for data we don't have yet!

Comment Total Carbon? (Score 1) 119

I would like to know what the Total Carbon footprint is.
How much carbon does it take to make a solar panel, ship it, set it up.
How many trees will need to be knocked down to build the solar farm. Does the energy produced from the solar panel over its expected life actually offset the cost of implementing it, and long term maintenance.

I am not saying it is bad for the envrionment on the whole. But I would like to see the true costs.

Comment A feature that all android phones are missing... (Score 1) 117

Let me block a number with wildcards


Those three will block a bulk of worthless calls to my phone. I already have an app that kind of works but I would rather hav ethe phone do a connect and then instant hangup, or better yet play the universal "disconnect" tones that phone companies use for a phone number that is not in service to knock my number off a computer list.

There is no reason at all for the base OS telephone functionality to have built in blocking with wildcard support.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 2) 321

You guys need to advertise that far and wide. The reputation was earned from the scam tactics of the previous owners, and nobody will come back to see if it has changed if you dont make it a core part of your advertising.

The new sourceforge, under new management and it is back to the pure form with nothing shady going on.

Comment Professional or not? (Score 3, Insightful) 111

A truly professional "IT Pro" will learn to forget the things he has seen about his/her colleagues.
We've all had to do things like: check mail spools, check user directories, enable debug-level logging on various systems, etc. and seen embarrassing or personal things. The question is: are you a professional who learns to forget it and stick to the relevant data or are you a shithead who spreads rumours and makes us all look like privacy-invading assholes?

Comment Re: Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 111

Just be professional about it. Tell him that there seems to be a mix of personal and company data, and to please separate the two and transfer any business relevant data to the server where it belongs. Personal data can to stored to an external drive or we can wipe it along with the rest of the internal drive.

Let them sort it out. Only they know what's what among all that data. There's no need to be involved in the sorting process.

Comment Re: So what should we do? (Score 1) 462

Well yes, that's why some cars have the gears staggered down the line instead of a strait throw up and down. For example, in the 2010 RAV4, by feel it's from P, to the right, and strait all the way down; where it ends is D. 4 through L are all staggered. I personally like this arrangement as I can flip between D and 4 with a fick of my wrist left or right.

Now take a 2009 Honda Civic as an example: half the time I'll throw it into D or 3. It's rather annoying.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 224

While we shouldn't dismiss problems ranging from rape to unprofessional behavior as just being prude.
Academia is very hierarchical in structure, so there is a pecking order in power there. So having men who are in a higher power position hitting on women in lower power positions puts them in a disadvantage. While they can go forward, it will still mark them as being "Miss. Woman's Lib" and isolate them from working up the power command of academia.


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