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Comment Re:Wait, *what*? (Score 1) 189

4) Why can't you dump a biodegradable substance? Better bulldozed into an empty lot than rotting in a landfill for 150 years...

Bacon grease may be biodegradable, but try dumping that shit down your kitchen sink next time. Let me know how that goes.

London has had problems with fatbergs for a while.

Comment Includes CPO Cars as well (Score 1) 70

Two years ago I bought a Certified Pre-Owned BMW from a dealer. It's basically a used car of a supposed "higher quality" from a dealer. Turned out that even though they do some sort of 5million point inspection, they forgot to clear the mp3 collection uploaded into the car's entertainment system, didn't clear the stored phonebook, nor the 10 recent phone numbers.

Comment Why not just skip Apple TV (Score 1) 89

I've been running Plex on a Mac Mini for about 5years now. Great software, easy interface and optimized for controlling with an apple remote control (silver 3 button, not white 2 button) or iphone app. I have it connected via HDMI directly to my receiver and GigE to my LAN. All my content I keep on a NAS array in the corner.

I actually bought the mac mini specifically for Plex as at the time windows and linux support was kinda weak. Now they've got plex running in TVs and other devices.

Submission + - HP to their Employees: Become a Contractor or Else (businessinsider.com)

HockeyPuck writes: In Hewlett-Packard's latest round of layoffs, some employees have been given a layoff ultimatum: Within 48 hours, take a new job at Ciber where HP has a contract-work agreement, and take a 50% pay cut, or be fired with no layoff package severance.

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