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Comment: Re:Needs functionality (Score 2) 381

by HockeyPuck (#47440559) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

In the old days (1980s), my laptop would go weeks without a battery charge.

I guess if you didn't turn it on, and I'm calling BS.

As someone that worked on the Original Thinkpads (IBM 755cx and the 701C (butterfly), I guarantee you that no laptop in the 1980s could run for weeks without a charge, unless you claimed systems that were more calculator than laptop (intel 386/486 type CPU).

Note that the 755CX sold for about $6000 back then.

Comment: Physical design (Score 1) 139

by HockeyPuck (#47411181) Attached to: BlackBerry's Innovation: Square-Screened Smartphones

Two things stand out:

How do you fit it into your front pocket? Maybe if you were overalls it'll fit into that massive chest pocket, but for regular jeans/slacks/pants, I doubt it.

Sharp corners... if it already barely fits in your pocket sharp corners are going to make it even harder to get out.

Comment: Where have I seen these claims before? (Score 2) 203

Every few years we come across one of these articles where some teen claims an amazing breakthrough

16yr old and Encryption

17yr old nuclear bomb detector Note that he claims he built a nuclear reactor when he was 14..

Can I get an article if I write a blog when I discuss some unsubstantiated claims that my golden retriever has found a way to increase the aerial density of a HD by 100x based upon chew marks in a shank bone?

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by HockeyPuck (#47293955) Attached to: EFF To Unveil Open Wireless Router For Open Wireless Movement

Unfortunately thanks to Netflix and Amazon, I'm barely staying within my usage cap with Comcast as it is.

What the hell are you downloading? Raw uncompressed blu-ray images? According to Netflix's usage page, the highest quality streams use HD: 3 GB per hour, 3D: 4.7 GB per hour, Ultra HD 4K: 7 GB per hour.

For a HD stream, it would take you over 80 hours to reach 250GB. 40, 2hr HD movies. Wow. Just Wow. The average American watches 2.8hrs of TV per day. If you download 100% of only HD content from Amazon/Netflix every month you'll be about at the 80+hrs / month of usage. Still a lot of downloading, given that you can't watch live events (sports/news broadcasts). Btw, even the World Cup isn't broadcast in 1080p like on broadcast/cable TV.

The current caps are from 250GB to 350GB depending on your service area. In fact, if you look at your data usage, you'll notice that they've suspended the 250GB cap enforcement.

You do realize that you fall into the .000001% of consumers who should be on a business plan if they want to download 50TB/month.

Remember no business caters to the .0000001% of consumers regardless of their business. You should vote with your dollars, find a provider that will give you unlimited usage with higher bandwidth. I'm sure there's plenty of ISPs that would be willing to drop an OC48 (2.4Gb) into your house for a quite a few grand a month. Or a Comcast business solution that has no cap.

Surely a 150Mbdown 20Mb up with no caps for $250/month is enough for you and your entire family to watch HDs every minute of every day until your eyeballs rot. Just think, with 150Mb/s down you could consume about 65GB/hr, or 20 HD movies per hour 24hrs per day, 7 days per week...

Right tool for the right job. Obviously you want Commercial Services at Residential Pricing and you don't meet the requirements of the typical Residential user, so switch to Commercial Services and be happy.

Comment: Re:I did a contract there briefly (Score 3, Funny) 166

by HockeyPuck (#47140909) Attached to: After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out

Damn I hated working with [SGI] UNIX. You couldn't wipe your ass without them wanting to charge you for it.

Guess you never worked with Banyan Vines... you couldn't do anything without a hardware dongle attached to the parallel port on the back. If you wanted to enable multiple features, you daisy chained multiple dongles off each other. I recall seeing servers with 5-6 dongles hanging off the same parallel port like some sort of unicorn horn.

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by HockeyPuck (#47129073) Attached to: Amazon Wants To Run Your High-Performance Databases

Don't feed the trolls.
Don't feed the trolls.

I used AWS for a few projects for my research. I would upload a data set to AWS run the MapReduce jobs and then analyze the output in AWS. Once complete, I'd download the results and shutdown the whole environment. I could programatically spin up the whole environment in about an hour or so.

Whole thing cost me about $350.

Comment: Re:How do you pull over a driverless car? (Score 1) 626

by HockeyPuck (#47049997) Attached to: Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

So would this require every Police/Emergency Vehicle to be equipped with such a car to car communications system.

Also, often when there's an accident on the highway, and cars are stopped, people will get out of the way for a tow truck to get through to move the disabled vehicle.

No Siren and tow truck lights aren't red/white/blue. Typically they are orange.

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