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Comment If you want better support... (Score 1) 479 479

... buy a commercial/business connection. Yes, it is more expensive. Yes, you get what you pay for, and nothing more.

If you're an IT pro, you'll appreciate the US-based support, static IP address, absence of blocked ports, and other services that typically come with business internet connections.

Comment Re:Yep. I'd pay money. (Score 1) 236 236

I didn't conflate anything. "See also Lavabit" does not imply that what I said previously applied. In this instance, the word "also" implies it as a separate subject not related to the first.

Sorry if you didn't understand it the first time.

Comment He's got my vote! (Score 1) 830 830

Finally, even with silly little distractions like terrorism, the economy, foreign threats to our security, and other things, there is a candidate that is ready to tackle the real issue of our time - our unit system! Seriously, this has to be the biggest threat to our prosperity since the Spanish Flu and George W. Bush.

Even if he doesn't win the nomination, which I admit is a long shot given how incredibly obvious it is that our unit system is the most compelling issue of our time, I'll write him in.

Go metric!

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