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+ - Police issue Death Threats to Man with Camera 9

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Cops in St. Louis have taken objection over a local man filming their abuses of power, and have responded with death threats, and stalking. The guy they're harassing installed a pretty neat video system in his car after having received a speeding ticket that he that was unfair. What he ended up catching on tape was far worse than a speeding ticket. Luckily the news has picked up on it, so he is probably out of immediate danger."

+ - Popular Coverage of Science Research Often Bunk

Submitted by
Eagle5596 writes "Many of you will remember the recent UCLA research story which covered supposed differences between liberals and conservatives. Turns out that, like in many cases, the media coverage was wrong, or misled. An interesting article goes into details on the problems with many conclusions drawn by scientific research by the popular press, and why the media often gets it all wrong. From the article:
"People love to draw broad conclusions from results that are utterly unable to support them. Due to media buzz, increasing popular influence, and just plain old bad science, this has become an increasing problem. Whats worse is that it detracts from the credibility of scientists everywhere, and public understanding of what science is."

+ - New open source book for OLPC developers->

Submitted by
dcorking writes "A group of leading Smalltalk hackers just published a beautifully crafted book Squeak By Example"

This gives developers a fast-paced but friendly introduction to the newly open-sourced Smalltalk IDE that is behind the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Etoys app, the Seaside web application framework, and the Croquet virtual world SDK. Rather than wait for conventional publishers, the authors decided to rely on their formidable reputations to self-publish under a Creative Commons license — so you can download the book, order a Print on Demand copy, or adapt it to teach your own classes!"

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+ - Republicans Fail to Recognize Crucial Error

Submitted by
Eagle5596 writes "Republicans have repeatedly snubbed minority news stations, a growing segment of the political circuit, in obviously well thought out plan. Given that minorities are a majority in the youngest age segment, this is bound to end well. Current projections on shifting demographics have several large and "solidly" Republican states swinging to the left in the near future, with more to follow. Is 2008 the last year Republicans will have a prayer at the polls?"
United States

+ - The beginnings of a Permanent Democratic Majority->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Slashdotters will be happy to know that the years of fearing Republican censorship of games and media may soon be over. Forever. Recent demographic trends, and an unwillingness by Republicans to acknowledge minority news groups may soon create a permanent Democratic Majority. Maybe it wasn't such a well thought out plan to hate minority groups which were breeding faster than fat old white guys."
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