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Comment Re:Woohoo (Score 1) 56

Samsung Galaxy S6 is $540 on Amazon. There might be better deals. And it also has other uses.

I agree with your general point though. I am quite happy with my $170 Motorola smartphone. I would consider this VR attachment if I already had a compatible phone. As it stands, I will probably wait for Oculus Rift V2. Facebook intends to price them competitively, and there's a chance that second consumer version will be usable without too much headache.

Comment Re:does it work with iphones? (Score 1) 56

Ars Technica article says:

The consumer version of the Gear VR will support "every 2015 Samsung handset," Koo said, including the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+.

Don't know if the earlier phones are too slow, incompatible geometrically, or lack some special feature. I would guess if older Samsung phones are not supported, then the chances for other vendors are even slimmer.

Comment Self-important nigilists (Score 1) 96

Looks like 90% of commenters in this thread are too proud of their superior human brains to even try and get the point of the experiment. Researchers made a computer which can learn to achieve goals with no instructions, and you mix it up with custom game AI or bitch about how it is not fair to compare scores with biologically limited humans. This is just depressing.

Go DeepMind!

Comment Re:This is why I don't go to movie theatres (Score 4, Interesting) 279

Exactly. Watching a screen copy is a punishment in itself. Unsatisfied viewers and the resulting bad reputation is the punishment for the person making and sharing the copy. If the movie industry were smarter, they would leave the screen copy sector be, and maybe use it as bad PR for piracy. Anyone who can be satisfied with screen copy quality is definitely not a movie theater customer anyway.

Comment Re:Financial self sufficiency (Score 1) 99

Umm, research and development? Digital services and products? Telecommuting? Outsourcing? Entertainment? Tourism?

What is this website again?

Yes, it will be very expensive to bootstrap, but once most of the resources by mass can be sourced locally, it is not that hard to imagine a reasonable trade balance in our age.

Comment WTF is all this shit? (Score 2) 209

What is all this babble about?
- a modern mentalist
- how to curry favor
- Dunbar numbers
- Fitbit
- Jawbone
- Mint
- Waze
- It’s about all of these, together

What kind of parallel universe do you come from?

I usually don't mind looking up a new term or name on Google or Wikipedia, but this author just keeps throwing up, and it doesn't look appetizing.

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