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Comment Re:Nukes are safer than coal. (Score 3, Interesting) 195

The same explosion of wildlife was seen in Korea's DMZ, a strip of land that cuts the peninsula in half and is chock full of landmines. It appears that the mere presence of urbanised humans is more detrimental to wildlife than a nuclear disaster. As a science based greenie I have to tentatively conclude that nuclear disasters are a very effective way to create large wilderness areas.

Disclaimer: I would welcome a properly managed nuke replacing the local coal plant (Hazelwood - said to be the dirtiest coal plant in the world), I say "well managed and modern" because even with the spectacular benefits nuclear disasters have to the natural environment, I'm still NOT ok with a nuclear disaster in MY backyard. ;)

Comment Re:Nukes (Score 2) 195

Plain old economics is what is holding back nukes, not "envirowackos", if "envirowackos" had that sort of political power then why are we still building new coal plants? The fact that changing to renewables for electricity generation is both good for the environment and good for the economy has been recognised by sane capitalists since the "Stern Report" (2005 IIRC). The insane ones still believe AGW is a UN plot to strip mine their wallet and their "freedoms".

Comment Re:How often are the addresses re-validated? (Score 1) 92

>"The biggest problem is We have no idea when it is happening, or if there are complaints, which messages are actually true spam, and which messages are just "legitimate marketing" that look spammy."

Is there a difference? Spam includes UCE (Unrequested Commercial Email). Unrequested marketing junk *is* spam. I report it as such and ban most mail servers that send such stuff to my users. When I first started doing that many years ago, the very first to be banned, permanently, was Constant Contact. And boy were they pissed! They actually tried to tell my users we were doing something wrong and went over my head to try and be removed (and the CEO laughed at them). Now I ban several hundred such marketing houses.

>"Nobody really sends detailed abuse complaints anymore or provide any data that could be meaningfully used for reliable spam content identification without false positives. They just put IP addresses straight to blacklist"

The word "nobody" is pretty strong. I report *every* spam I get, in detail, to spamcop. Thankfully it is only a few messages a week that slip through, but I take the time to do it.

You might not like RBL's, but they are a keystone to our anti-spam. We don't do automated content examination or even ratings at all. Just greylisting, country banning, several RBL's, dropping messages with improper headers, checking that the domains on the Email server and sender are actually valid, and our own blacklist (coupled with a whitelist for both filtering and greylisting for those places that we consider mission important).

Comment Re:What's with the shills? (Score 1) 262

Has it ever occurred to you that some people simply don't agree with your take on things. You know, people who, personally - just like you - have looked at the facts of the matter and arrived at a different opinion? Your own view must be weak indeed if you have to result to that sort of fantasizing in order to make yourself feel better about it.

Comment Re:...and in the meantime (Score 0) 466

the actual enemies we have now use twitter and guerilla tactics

So ... the actual enemies are using twitter and "guerilla" tactics to seize towns, line up rows of insufficiently Islamist locals and lopping their heads off, that sort of thing? The Russians are using twitter to take over Ukraine? Are those Twitter-powered tanks being driven across those borders? Are they using Twitter to shoot down aircraft? Is Iran supplying Twitter-based ordinance to its proxies across the middle east, and using those Twitter-munitions when they kill people?

Comment Re:What did he expect? (Score 1) 262

So, pretty much you think this is a comic book, not real life involving actual people.

In your imaginary fantasy world, wouldn't the incredibly corrupt fantasy villains your'e dreaming up simply have done any of a thousand possible things to more effectively deal with this guy? No? Right, because you're fantasizing.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 1) 213

Why do you want to say he's wrong? You weren't happy with the voice recordings, and with people on the phone with their own family members as those events unfolded on the flight? If you want him to be wrong, it's because you want what happened to have occurred differently for some reason of your own agenda.

Comment Re:I Already Do This, But Probably Less Intense (Score 1) 144

I teach computer science, and I occasionally get students asking how they could work for a living and still be able to travel, go outdoors, etc. and not be stuck in a cubicle. Do you have any advice for them, such as how to find jobs or clients to work on? How did you get where you were today?

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