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Comment Re:If you need entertainment. (Score 1) 136

Most people don't seem to have a problem with the radio playing, music or news or talk radio doesn't seem to require attention that is normally focused on the road.

My completely uneducated guess on this one is that listening to the radio requires very little mental bandwidth. If you're listening to music that you hear frequently, your brain isn't doing any processing because you already know the song. For news or talk radio, your brain probably isn't spending the extra processing time needed to commit to memory anything that's said.

In contrast, conversations with other people (whether on the phone or in the car with you) require enough processing for you to be able to respond intelligently, which distracts you from focusing on driving. At least if the other person is in the car with you, they're also able to spot sudden dangers or recognize dangerous situations where it would be better for them to stop talking.

Comment Re:Anti-science is a PR plague (Score 3, Funny) 316

such as mutating plants with radiation and using the deformed plants DNA for a desired characteristic.

You're absolutely right! We should ban all sources of radiation that might affect the DNA of an organism in a way that could result in the appearance of a specific characteristic.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 2) 322

If you cannot afford to own your own home, then chances are you are STILL not going to be able to afford even their $35K base model when it releases in a year or two.

Sure, $35K might seem "average" these days for new car pricing, but only to those who somehow enjoy a $500/month car payment, or enjoy being (fl)leased by other creative loans.

Depends on where you live. There are a few cities in the US where you could have $35K available to pay cash for the car, but $35K isn't enough for a down payment on a house.

Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

An omniscient God precludes the possibility of human free will. So you're saying that old testament God is not omniscient, and that's something you need to back up.

Where in the Old Testament does it say that God is omniscient regarding future human actions?

Alternatively, one explanation is that God knows humans so well that God can predict their actions with a very high degree of accuracy. Humans also have this ability, since a lot of people know how their spouse or children will react to certain situations.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 174

So I'm fine with the "no smoking" at gov/public sites, but they shouldn't be able to tell a private restaurant owner that he/she has to ban smoking at their establishment.

When you allow members of the general public to walk in and patronize your business (i.e. you aren't a members-only club), your establishment is no longer entirely private. It's been that way in the United States for decades.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 1) 406

All of those things, however, are considered "essential services" and are never affected by government "shutdowns". It's why politicians can use government shutdowns for political grandstanding - it's only a small percentage of the federal government that's actually affected.

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