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Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 260

THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY REPORTS FOURTH QUARTER AND FULL YEAR EARNINGS FOR FISCAL 2015 Revenues for the year increased 7% to a record $52.5 billion. Net income for the year increased 12% to a record $8.4 billion. EPS for the year increased 15% to a record $4.90.

So why try to save a few bucks outsourcing? I don't get it, the money saved is literally insignificant to them.

Naturally, Disney will be passing these savings on to their customers, right?

Comment Re:For who's eyes only? (Score 1) 109

Yes, definitely, including the other information (SS#, DL#, etc.) was a massive screwup, but that wasn't supposed to happen. From the article, sounds like someone, in effect, forgot to delete some columns from Excel.

Sorry to drag this article slightly on topic for Slashdot, but this might be the main technical problem with this situation. How do you accidentally include information that shouldn't be there in a report? Why isn't generating the data disk completely automated so that there's no way for a person to screw up and include personal information?

Comment Re:F : A - I ( L (Score 1) 151

Lumbersexual is a new one to me. Apparently it's someone who grooms and dresses to appear like a person who spends a lot of time outdoors (like a lumberjack I guess).

This might be a bigger travesty than the emoji thing. I guess the suffix "-sexual" now also relates solely to the clothes somebody wears.

For some reason, I don't think I'll be using the word "businesscasualsexual" any time soon.

Comment Re:Hate emojis ... (Score 3, Informative) 151

The vast majority of this crap is just enabling third parties to track your fucking email and texts as everyone has to download the stupid things.

I thought the whole point of the new "emoji" stuff was that they're now standard Unicode characters, so the images are part of the normal fonts on your system. If your computer has to download the image every time someone puts one in a text message, somebody is Doing It Wrong, and it isn't the person sending you the text message.

Comment Re:Idiot... (Score 1) 275

I'll give Rep. Barton more credit than a lot of other members of Congress. At least he's asking someone who is supposed to be a subject matter expert if it's possible to do something about a perceived problem. Most other members of Congress would just propose a bill that makes it illegal, regardless of whether or not enforcement is at all possible.

Comment Re:Clickbait title? (Score 1) 168

Well the sooner we can destroy the fallacy that coding is something beyond the ken of most mere mortals, the sooner we can get salaries down to what they should be.

I actually think this analogy works really well, and it doesn't even involve cars. There are a lot of people who prepare food for their job. If you want to pay someone $8 per hour, then you're going to get a McDonald's level of quality. If you want a chef who can prepare high quality meals, then you'll have to pay them a lot more than $8 per hour.

Programming is pretty much the same. If all you need is someone to set up your blog software, you can find a kid who just graduated high school who will do it for $20 per hour. If you need a software engineer to design a complex, high-reliability system, and a group of junior engineers and/or experienced programmers to implement the system, it's going to cost a lot more.

Comment Re:Actually Apple (Score 1) 162

My (not really serious) point was that if people dismiss the possibility because the company would have be stupid to make it so obvious, then the company has succeeded is making those people think that there's no connection. I don't actually believe there's some grand conspiracy to hide Apple behind this company, but I thought my reply was kind of funny.

As for it being illegal, hiding the true owners of a company seems pretty common in the US, so if it isn't legal, that law doesn't appear to be enforced very well.

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