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Comment: Re:Lost focus (Score 1) 52

by Dragonslicer (#49167545) Attached to: Interactive Edition of the Nuclear Notebook
I wasn't necessarily disagreeing with your general assessment, I was just taking a cheap jab at your wording. While technically "billions" could be as low as 2 billion, usually it's intended to mean much more than that. Since you said twice that billions would die, "billions" would only need to mean 3-4 billion for it to equal the total human population.

Comment: Re:Lost focus (Score 1) 52

by Dragonslicer (#49166629) Attached to: Interactive Edition of the Nuclear Notebook

The tiny fraction can still wipe out the human race

They could certainly wipe out many urban population centers, and kill billions of people. They would also cause major economic disruption, and a collapse in trade that may kill billions more.

Unless the number of each of those "billions" is only 2, then that's just about the entire human species.

Comment: Re:Just (Score 1) 163

by Dragonslicer (#49149707) Attached to: Can the Guitar Games Market Be Resurrected?

Can't this be said about any video game that doesn't include unrealistic activity? Why not just drive cars? Why not just play football? Why not chuck rocks at pigs?

For most people, driving a race car or playing professional football are unrealistic activities. They also involve a large amount of physical danger.

Comment: Re:Easy of porting over is the key (Score 4, Funny) 199

by Dragonslicer (#49140411) Attached to: The State of Linux Gaming In the SteamOS Era

and shipping a title for a platform when it doesn't actually work on that platform, or has issues that nobody ever even bothered to check because they don't want to spend any time on QA for the platform is worse for the company's PR than not shipping the title for that platform in the first place.

Then why is EA shipping games for any platform at all?

Comment: Re:Gonna see a Net Neutrality Fee (Score 5, Insightful) 631

by Dragonslicer (#49140229) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules
Because of course they've avoided raising their rates out of the kindness of their hearts, but all of this new regulation is forcing them to do it against their will.

I keep hearing from free-market capitalists that prices would naturally trend towards whatever the market will bear. If that's true, then regulation would never increase prices. After all, if the sellers could get away with raising the price, they would have already done so.

Comment: Re: Screw your laws (Score 2) 193

Parasitic in that they hose their drivers. They produce nothing of real value, they just take a cut. Like a racketeer.

I don't really care about Uber personally, but it's a bit disingenuous to say that they provide no value at all. There is some non-zero value to the infrastructure for connecting customers with drivers that they maintain. I doubt it's worth $40 billion, but it's worth more than nothing.

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