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Comment Re:Classic problem of tech culture (Score 2) 95

How can you maximize the advantages of outcome-based education, without standardized linguistics targeted to areas of core competencies? Hiring managers have expressed interest in consensus oriented, business ready, net native, grey hats, who speak in code and collaborate in dynamic non-traditional employment. To breed a culture of millenial code beasts, we must reach into their social sphere, and peer coach them with best practices.

Your theory is obviously complete bullshit. You don't even have any synergy.

Comment Re:subjects in comments are stupid (Score 1) 280

In the USA, a recipe can't be covered by copyright because it's a collection of facts and directions, but theoretically it can be patented as a process and/or composition of matter. It's very difficult to get a recipe past prior art and obviousness, but it is considered patentable subject matter.

Comment Re:How is it Ukraine's fault (Score 1) 249

If Russia or its proxies did not shoot down the civilian airliner, why did Russia veto a UN resolution to fully and openly investigate the incident? If Russia is innocent they should have been happy to have an investigation to prove their innocence.

To be fair, even if Russia weren't responsible for MH17, they might not want UN investigators poking around and finding all kinds of other stuff that they've been doing in the area. Being innocent of this particular crime doesn't necessarily make them innocent.

Comment Re:Which bands? (Score 4, Informative) 45

AT&T and T-Mobile are the big GSM carriers in the United States. Which bands do they use, so we can compare them against the bands compatible with the phone?

I think T-Mobile uses the two of those four that are used in Europe, and AT&T uses the other two, but I may be a few years behind on my information. A quick search on Google says AT&T uses 850 and 1900. A phone that supports all 4 bands should work on both AT&T and T-Mobile.

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