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Comment: Re:Great alternative to rural areas (Score 1) 55

by Dragonslicer (#49355731) Attached to: Facebook Successfully Tests Laser Internet Drones

The USA Highway system was built in part by the distribution needs of corporations. But we are all free to drive our cars and motorcycles on it. Should we not have built the roads because a corporation was going to profit from it? It's called "development".

The highway system in the United States was built by the government for use by anyone, whether they're commercial entities or individuals. While companies may have gotten more direct benefit than individuals, all companies benefited, and individuals got the indirect benefits from all companies.

Will Facebook's drones be providing connections to the Internet, or just connections to Facebook?

Comment: Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 626

by Dragonslicer (#49346833) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

But all the other "offenses" were speech and had those other "offenses" not been considered offenses due to free speech, this would have simply been a fight.

Were the other offenses actual "Free Speech" issues (i.e. he expressed an opinion that his producers and/or a BBC executive didn't agree with) or were they instances of verbally assaulting someone like he did this time?

Comment: Re:Five Years? (Score 1) 569

If they planned to cause harm by an action that a reasonable person would understand could cause death, then I think you can still be charged with murder. If you kill someone with a water balloon, you probably won't be charged with murder, since an average person wouldn't expect any serious injury from a water balloon. Sending in armed officers who are expecting a firefight, not so much.

Comment: Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 1) 336

by Dragonslicer (#49303447) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden

Cameras in every home would kill millions. Literally.

Sure, if you contract out the installation to the lowest bidder, I can imagine that there would be a few instances of cameras falling off their mounting and hitting people in the head, or maybe causing electrical fires. I doubt there would be millions of such incidents, though.

In seeking the unattainable, simplicity only gets in the way. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982