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Comment: Re:Engine noise serves no purpose (Score 1) 167

by Dragonslicer (#49371549) Attached to: At the Track With Formula E, the First e-Racing Series

What do you care who wins? They're doing it completely and totally without you. Same for sports. That's not your team. You just bought some of their marketing crap.

Some athletes will admit that they don't do "completely and totally without you". For a lot of athletes, it's far more enjoyable to play the game with 20,000 people cheering them on than it is to play in an empty arena. I don't know if it's quite as common in professional sports, but I've seen numerous college athletes acknowledge the fans and say how much they appreciate the support.

Comment: Re:It may survive a court challenge... (Score 1) 82

by Dragonslicer (#49370025) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Net Rules Will Withstand Court Challenge

the FCC decided suddenly to substantially change the regulatory system for an established, massive market, bring in a huge swathe of new rules and regulations for existing major players.

Is this any different than when the telephone companies were first regulated? If not, I don't see how the courts can overturn this decision without completely getting rid of the common carrier regulations.

Comment: Re:Great alternative to rural areas (Score 1) 59

by Dragonslicer (#49355731) Attached to: Facebook Successfully Tests Laser Internet Drones

The USA Highway system was built in part by the distribution needs of corporations. But we are all free to drive our cars and motorcycles on it. Should we not have built the roads because a corporation was going to profit from it? It's called "development".

The highway system in the United States was built by the government for use by anyone, whether they're commercial entities or individuals. While companies may have gotten more direct benefit than individuals, all companies benefited, and individuals got the indirect benefits from all companies.

Will Facebook's drones be providing connections to the Internet, or just connections to Facebook?

Comment: Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 660

by Dragonslicer (#49346833) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

But all the other "offenses" were speech and had those other "offenses" not been considered offenses due to free speech, this would have simply been a fight.

Were the other offenses actual "Free Speech" issues (i.e. he expressed an opinion that his producers and/or a BBC executive didn't agree with) or were they instances of verbally assaulting someone like he did this time?

Live free or die.