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Comment: Speechless (Score 1) 512

by DoofusOfDeath (#48879927) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration

I have no idea what to say. It's been so long since Congress has done anything not moronic and/or treasonous in my judgment. I've forgotten how to respond.

OTOH, there are probably so many ways these two senators can get hamstrung, that we'll never see any benefit from this. The side-lining of them will be quiet and effective.

Comment: Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 138

by DoofusOfDeath (#48876035) Attached to: Simon Pegg On Board To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film

TOS really didn't push the utopian future as much. Gene really started pushing that with TNG.

I agree there was some utopianism, but there was also the occasional dose of human triumphalism. I'm not a devout fan, but I remember an episode where Riker makes Q uncomfortable by alluding to some future glory of the human race about which Q apparently is aware. I could be wrong, but I imagine that idea crept into other episodes as well.

Comment: Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 138

by DoofusOfDeath (#48875969) Attached to: Simon Pegg On Board To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film

They took EVERYTHING Star Trek had which let me hope for a brighter future for once instead of the pretty redundant apocalypse mindsets and turned it into fucking space cowboys...

I don't think this should affect your level of optimism / pessimism about humanity's future. For the most part, the real world will go about its business independently of whether or not Star Trek episodes cover a certain topic.

Comment: Less creepiness (Score 4, Insightful) 324

by DoofusOfDeath (#48868603) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

I've only been around a few people wearing Google Glass, and I had the stress / self-consciousness of constantly wondering if I was being filmed. That was not an enjoyable sensation.

Unless Glass 2.0 can make that issue go away, people are still going to want to punch Glassholes.

Comment: Re:Standing desks (Score 1) 348

by DoofusOfDeath (#48858253) Attached to: Regular Exercise Not Enough To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Read this brief on the perils of both sitting and standing, and then check the references at the bottom. Notably, standing all day leads to varicose veins and puts a strain on your circulatory system.

Thanks, that one link advanced the discussion (for me at least) more than all the other comments combined.

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