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Comment Re:UK Schools (Score 1) 112

Its much worse though surely. It is as hard to recruit teachers as for maths or science, AND the number of teachers required has suddenly increased. The govt think they can fix it by retraining ICT teachers, but as the GP points out they do not have any real coputer science or coding background. Retraining them to teach computing is like retraining PE teachers to teach maths.

Comment Re:Things are starting to turn around (Score 2) 303

The SSL core team all appear to be professionals.

I have not checked, but most of the contributors probably are too.

The same is true of most big open source projects (like the Linux Kernel).

The differences are:

1) There is better disclosure of bugs in open source
2) some bugs can be discovered by third party audit (as the GNUTLS bug was)

Comment Re:Who really looks at the DJIA? (Score 1) 218

The headline is misleading: its "high share price", not "too big". Its perfectly possible for a small company to have a high share price.

Share prices can be much higher, Berkshire Hathaway has a price of 103,000

The main reason the Dow is used by the media, is because ignorant financial journalists think its the best measure - it is in their terms, where "best" means most brand recognition.

The only legitimate reason for using it is for long term comparisons: it has existed a lot longer than the S & P 500, or any properly constructed index.

Full explanation here

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score 1) 899

The device manufacturers will almost certainly provide OEM Window's pre-installs, signed with their own keys, which will be changed at intervals.

That way, you will not be able to upgrade to a new version of Windows, reducing product life cycle, increasing hardware sales. Very bad for the environment.

Comment Re:Why be such morons? (Score 1) 420

What exemptions?

Are the same tax breaks not available to secular charities?

As far as tax breaks go, the basic principle should be that if it is an organisation that is supported by donations rather than commercial activity, or to which you can reasonably expect people to make donations, and it is structured to put all its profits/excess money into furthering its aims rather than making a profit for someone, then it should get tax breaks.

Comment Re:This has gone too far (Score 1) 420

If content producers know that anything they produce is "up for grabs", what incentive do they have to keep producing?

Exactly the same incentives they had before copyright was introduced.

There is absolutely no evidence that the benefits of the extra incentive provided by copyright outweighs its costs.

It is also obvious that the reason for copyright is not to provide an incentive. There is a negligible difference in incentive between a thirty year fixed copyright term and life plus seventy - but the latter hugely shrinks the public domain and increases costs to consumers in order to benefit professional descendants like Christopher Tolkein.

Comment Re:Ceylon? (Score 1) 623

Java and Ceylon are used as alternates in a line from a hymn:

"What though the spicy breezes Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle Where every prospect pleases And only man is vile"

Probably not a deliberate reference, unless someone only knows the first sentence of it. That said, a language that pleases will attract some vile developers so it may be inappropriate.

Ceylon has a bit of an old fashioned ring to it - at least as seen from here in Ceylon.

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