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Comment Re: Its always been like this (Score 2) 275

So many ideas along these lines...I don't even know where to begin.

Optimizing for profits only works in the long run if those profits are the result of real productivity increases (more output per unit work). Increased profits due to regulatory capture, monopolies, or trade imbalances harm society, not help it.

Assignment of the benefits of productivity to a small number of "owners" also may benefit society in the short term, while the non-owners still get many of the benefits of increased productivity. But as soon as benefits from increases in productivity do not make it "to the masses", then the ability to sustain such a system falters.

You only have these few options: A - the owners of means of production choose to produce goods and services and give them to non-owners, B - the non-owners force the owners of means of production to produces goods and services and give them to non-owners (taxes, making it illegal for individuals to own means of production, etc.), or C - the owners of means of production have enough power to withhold goods from the non-owners, and the non-owners cease to exist.

Now, reality is kind of a mixture of those things, rather than any one extreme. The whole course of human politics and history has been based around managing the balance between those things. In order to transition to a post-scarcity society, we're going to have to somehow modify that balance again, and it's probably going to have to be something more towards having less concentrated "ownership" of means of production.

Comment Re:8 ram channels? but how meny pci-e and htx? (Score 1) 75

A VM host really only needs x12 PCIe 3 for a dual socket system, x4 for 10Gb dual channel NIC and x8 for 16Gb dual channel HBA, up it to x24 links if you need 40GbE. 8 channels is nice as it allows you to do 1TB of full speed ram in a dual socket system using relatively inexpensive 32GB DIMMs which gives you 8GB per thread which is more than enough for most workloads (you might even choose to go 512GB of ram if your workload is more CPU than RAM limited and save a good chunk of change).

Comment Re:BT (Score 2) 65

You don't seem to get that this is as much a game of "wack-a-mole" as is killing off The Pirate Bay. An Indian call centre doesn't give a toss that its causing third parties problems, so long as they have their leased line then they can gain access to the global telecoms network anywhere in the world - they can make millions of calls a week, so if it takes them a day to find a new route then they don't particularly give a damn in the mean time, its the cost of doing business to them. No one is going to take their leased line off them...

Even BT doesn't vet companies that connect directly to its network, so its not going to be able to force anyone else to vet who connects to theirs - and the point I am raising is that most telecoms networks cannot vet who connects to them. One call centre can spread its call load out over dozens of intermediaries, all coming into the UK from different foreign telecoms networks. You simply cannot resolve that problem.

Comment Re:BT (Score 4, Interesting) 65

The problem with the way the international telecommunications systems are set up is that no, you dont know where the call originates from, just that a network next to yours is handing it to you - its essentially one massive Tor network where the upstream routing information passed around cannot be trusted. You bill the person than handed it to you, they bill the person that handed it to them and so on.

This is why Indian call centres can buy blocks of a million phone numbers, hit UK targets all week and not be penalised for it.

BT cant solve this on their own, because that would require them to be able to force other telecoms companies to solve their own problems with the setup or simply reject 99% of all international calls made.

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