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Comment Re:Will others follow suit? (Score 1) 82

> Oh yeah totally doable for non comp.sci majors.

It depends on the quality of the build scripts really.

It's like the software quality of ANYTHING. Either the developers decided to put in the time to make the software robust and reasonably easy to use or they didn't.

The fact that you might have to type some bog standard commands that haven't changed in 20 years is really not the issue.

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 2) 174

Sputnik in fact was an AFTERTHOUGHT.

The Russians had a single unified ICBM effort and they decided to just "put a cherry on top" as it were. American leadership was much less in a panic about it than the general public. Eisenhower also liked the idea of setting the precedent of allowing sat overflights as the US was priming to put up spy satellites.

Comment Re: Raspberry Pi 2 (Score 1) 196

Besides no connectivity, and you need more adapters and dongles than with a "normal" Pi, the Pi 2 is a good bit faster than the Pi Zero. It (the Pi 2) is absolutely fast enough for some moderate desktop needs. It could very likely even replace most office computers, assuming any custom apps could be ported to Linux.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1, Insightful) 381

...and even then, you can only do what's feasible. "Environmentalists" really get nasty when you rain on their parade with things like facts. If you have (or are getting) a STEM degree, you are likely to get shunned. They don't even like people with a proper science or engineering background at the EPA.

People with an agenda don't want to be bothered with pesky issues like reality.

Comment Re:Bringing stuff back (Score 2) 97

I guess you're not familiar with Rifftrax, because the "aging" Mike, Kevin and Bill are doing quite well for themselves.

Furthermore, the show will now have a completely different cast. I think it's an incredible opportunity to see what a whole new crew of people can do under the guidance and aegis of the guy who created the whole concept in the first place.

Sit it out if you want, but don't bash it until you've given it a chance.

Seeing as how you are someone who is praising "Family Guy", I find it really difficult to give any credit to your ability to judge what's good or not.

Comment Re:kickstarter users incapable of learning (Score 1) 97

Except Joel Hodgson and Shout! Factory aren't Hollywood fat cats. Shout! has been very good to the show, working to make most of the episodes available for purchase, and they are now re-releasing the Rhino-era episodes which have been out of print for some time. Having secured the intellectual property from Jim Mallon, they are willing to give Joel the kind of control that made MST3K the best TV ever in the first place.

And Joel... we're still talking about the guy who started the whole franchise with a skeleton crew on a no-name UHF station with almost zero budget. Even if the new episodes aren't as good as the old ones, I sincerely believe that Joel and the new cast, writers and producers will give it their all.

I also don't see it as any kind of slam against the new project that Mike, Bill and Kevin have chosen not to be involved. Mike and Kevin were involved with the original show for about 10 years each, and Bill for about 3 years. They made wonderful contributions, but they have their own gig now. They have a good thing going with Rifftrax, which itself has been going for the better part of 10 years, and works from a significantly different business model that must be pretty successful given the amount of material they are able to produce. Rifftrax has clearly declared its alliance with the new MST3K and will be selling the new episodes, along with the old episodes it's already selling. Plus, Mary Jo and Bridget are now riffing for Rifftrax in their own unique style.

It's a big enough world for more than one franchise making fun of bad movies. Who knows... maybe ICWXP will hit it big next!

Comment Re:The PC is for job search (Score 1) 196

Plus not everyone is interested in using their PC as an expression of how much money they have to waste (or rather don't). Some people just view the PC as a tool to get shit done. As long as it gets shit done, it doesn't matter how fancy it is or whether or not it can impress some random loser you've never met and never will.

Comment Re:What about the children!?!?! (Score -1, Troll) 163

> At what point do people need to take responsibility for their actions or words?

The point at which they actually do real harm.

A bunch of butthurt SJWs getting upset enough to form a lynch mob is not sufficient justification.

The irony here is that it's the SJWs that are out to do something resembling a real crime here.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.