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Comment Would be legal where I live (Score 1) 1163 1163

In my unincorporated county, it is legal to discharge firearms if done in a safe manner.

As mentioned, shotgun pellets would not be dangerous upon return (terminal velocity situation).

If someone were hovering over my place with one of these things, I'd give it a dose of bird shot.

It's just plain rude. Additionally, this guy's neighbors were assholes, coming over in number and threatening him.

It's also legal to carry without a concealed carry permit on private property where I live (not that I go around with a firearm on me).

In a city, this is a whole 'nuther situation.

Comment Clothlines for all (Score 1) 566 566

Nowadays, clothes lines are "out of vogue".

I use one frequently. I've noticed there are two major users of electricity in my home. The clothes dryer and the air conditioning system.

If we cut our electricity usage by using "solar clothes dryers" (clotheslines) we'd enjoy a substantial reduction in our electricity usage.

Yes, it won't work for all (apartment/condo dwellers) but for suburbia, it would.

Comment Re:Sound pretty stupid (Score 1) 471 471

You are correct. Sometimes, this engineer had to crawl around under test benches to repair stuff or run cables, etc.

I knew when we visited Taiwan businessmen, they'd wear suits so I wore one. Then after we got to know them, we called a "dress code truce" and went back to wearing comfortable clothes. Similarly, when I went on customer visits, I showed respect and didn't wear my shorts.

Other than that, I pretty-much wore what I wanted unless it would cause a safety issue (hot drips of solder, acids and the likes).

Comment Image over substance (Score 3, Insightful) 471 471

First of all, this fourth "wonder of the world" CEO needs to disassociate the name "HP" and "Hewlett-Packard" from the company. It's an insult to its founders.

R&D is typically closed doors to the public and should be for I.P. purposes.

If all the remains of HP has to tout in their R&D lab is how the engineers dress, that means there isn't much of substance to demonstrate the "wow effect" to outsiders. That says a lot about HP.

HP has undergone 16 years of cost cutting (and counting) and their product quality shows the effects of that short term goal (so managers can get their bonuses).

I will not buy another HP product. Frankly, their quality has become abysmal.

Comment Re:I sent mail... (Score 1) 617 617

From a legal standpoint, sending something via snail mail is NOT "official notification" that a particular document was sent (according to my attorney). It simply means someone sent an envelope to the addressee. Receipt of contents cannot be verified, even if it's sent with a return receipt requested.

The document must be "legally-served" to the recipient.

Comment Re:Ageism is a problem everywhere, not just in tec (Score 1) 634 634

It depends.

I've found that government tech jobs don't discriminate against age.

Many private industry jobs do but not always. It depends upon whether or not the hiring manager is an old fart or not but that is not always the case. Sometimes, they're being directed to sift out a particular age group for the job by their superiors. Mostly for low wage or "obedience" issues. Young people haven't become stubborn yet and are wiling to put up with more bullshit.

They also don't happen to have children that interfere with pesky 12-16 hour work days.

Comment Bricked a Samsung Galaxy (Score 1) 377 377

Bought it on eBay. Had crappy Verizon firmware on it that wouldn't allow any kind of audio streaming (web page streaming or TuneIn). Loaded Cyanogen on it and it worked fine but still wouldn't stream due to some remnants of Verizon FW.

Backdated Cyanogen to older mod and that mod was corrupt. It destroyed the boot loader so I couldn't flash another copy of non-corrupt OS.

I still have the phone but no way to get an OS on it without a boot loader on it.

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