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Comment: Re:This sucks for Seattle! (Score 1) 86

Comcast previously promised the city they would provide service for their entire monopoly area if this went through...

Telecom companies are famous for *making* promises.

Making good on them, not so much.

They'd have probably gotten around to your area about the same time as your first Social Security check.

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 86

Wheeler, 69, does not need to seek another job when he departs the FCC, and that freedom enables him to make the decisions he thinks is right, according to people close to the chairman.

Judging simply from his age, it's very implausible that his actions were part of a ploy to seek secure employment after the FCC.

He won't be too old to sit on some corporate Boards of Directors.

Comment: Only 2 hard drives worth of media files? (Score 1) 253

Hardly seems worth the bother of going to all the trouble that would be necessary to put the media server in one of the worst possible and least accessible locations one could choose.

I'd almost rather put it in the attic. It would need more cooling, but at least you could get to it.

Is your crawl space accessible from inside the house?

Comment: If not for "capacitor plague" era caps... (Score 1) 307

...I suspect my results would have been quite different, especially with regard to Pentium II era motherboards.

I tend to re-lube fans with a mixture of light grease and light oil, and that seems to extend their life considerably.

But the biggie is hard drives.

Comment: Re:I can't find the commercial speech section (Score 1) 239

by unitron (#49256727) Attached to: FAA Says Ad-Bearing YouTube Drone Videos Constitute "Commercial Use"

The club or dance hall or whatever paid to license the music for people to listen to while dancing, but they didn't pay to license the music to be used in recordings of that activity, so the person recording the activity gets to pay (one way or the other).

Post the videos without a soundtrack if it's just the dancing that's important.

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