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Comment Re:only in New Zealand? (Score 2) 96

We commonly get stuff in Australia or New Zealand first when companies try to test new things in western markets to see what the response is like.

Not just talking about apps, restaurants and other companies do it often.

idk why they mentioned it in the summary though *shrug*.

Comment Re:Does not work. (Score 0) 362

I don't know, I seem to have the opposite problem. I get contacted by recruiters from big silicon valley companies on a daily basis (Apple, Google Netflix, Okta, and just endless other companies in SF and Silicon Valley) and they just won't leave me the f*** alone.

I'm almost 36 years old, so above the average. Also where I work there's plenty of old people around, some in their 50s I'd say.

I think the problem isn't necessarily age discrimination, but the skills silicon valley companies and web companies need are simply different to the skills us older folks have. We cut our teeth on older tech (Physical Hardware, Main frames, SANs, building our own Datacenters and Networks, Compiling Kernels, etc) that's been replaced with new modern cloud stuff (do it all on AWS, used hosted services, etc.)

Comment Documentation? Wiki? (Score 3, Insightful) 203

Sounds like a total failure to document anything....

Everywhere I've worked in the past few jobs I've had, processes and procedures and anything important about business process has to be documented on a wiki (or more recently, everyone seems to have gone to confluence) and documenation is considered REALLY important.

Sounds like the places I've worked have learned the value of employee knowledge and suffered from employees leaving with vital knowledge not documented.

You either work for either a really tiny organisation, or a business that just hasn't suffered through an important person with a lot of important knowledge leaving.

Oh well. Their problem.

Move on and forget your current employer.

Comment Firefox is NOT an option (Score 0) 208

Firefox is NOT an option. I tried going back to it a few times too, but NOPE. Ever since Firefox 3.6 it has been utter garbage.

As for NPAPI... its the ye olde Netscape Plugin API from the 90s. It HAS to go. Chrome actually dropped NPAPI a long time ago on other OS's (Linux, anyway, I think OSX too) but kept it around quite a bit longer on WIndows but it really is time for it to go.

I actually did have some pain when Chrome dropped NPAPI support on Linux (we use Linux as our desktops the last 3 employers I've had) but eh, managed to survive without it.

Good riddance to Chrome and Java browser plugins. Really.

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