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Comment: Re:US: Welcome to the present (Score 4, Insightful) 449

by DiSKiLLeR (#49083939) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

Ya, no shit. As someone who is from downunder, holy CRAP America is in the dark ages when it comes to its banking and communications systems.

Jesus christ.

And the funny thing is, they are so blissfully unaware things are better elsewhere in the world because none of them ever go anywhere anymore.

Comment: Re:That's (Score 1) 91

by DiSKiLLeR (#49076711) Attached to: Advice on How to Start an IT Business (Video)

I agree, this is a serious problem. I see it all the time. But not EVERYONE is like this.

I have a deep understanding of Windows technologies (since NT4, AD, Exchange 2003 through 2008, SQL Server and more) as well as Linux (been using it since 1995), FreeBSD (1993), OpenBSD, Solaris, and more and most opensource technologies like MySQL, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Courier, Dovecot, Bind, etc. Hell, even stuff like Oracle.

I also have a deep understanding of programming (C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Assembly, and more) and other IT technologies such as Storage (EMC, IBM, NetApp and newer technologies like Tintri), Virtualization (arguably, mostly only VMware ESX), and Networking (Cisco and Juniper switches and routers, all the way up to the really big stuff like MX960s.)

I like to use the right technology for the job. Even though I _prefer_ Linux or Unix based solutions, I will use the right tool for the job. Sometimes FreeBSD or Solaris is better (such as when ZFS is concerned.) Sometimes Windows is the better solution (granted, not often. Mostly just as AD for windows desktops.)

Yeah. We exist. We're called Senior Systems Engineers and Systems Architects. There might be a short supply of us, though. My skills got me a visa and I now live in the SF Bay Area because my employer spent over a year looking for a local and couldn't find one that was any fucking good.

Comment: Re:router? (Score 1) 159

by DiSKiLLeR (#48777315) Attached to: Inside North Korea's Naenara Browser

Wow. Where to start with this post.

Maybe I don't understand how the internet work. so like, one router in North Korea handles all the connections? I guess other countries have more routers to connect to other countries?

North Korea does not just have 1 router. And most countries do not have 'more' routers. Countries have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of routers. and are private IP addresses. You can use the same private range as your neighbour and their neighbours neighbour.

As others have noted, North Korea probably has lots of small networks with a government mandated router listening on on each one of those networks.

I don't see many articles and personal blogs from the people of North Korea. Maybe only the wealthy people can afford internet access?

Because nobody in North Korea posts articles or blogs. (I'd love to see one if there was.) The common North Korean citizen does not get internet access. If you're lucky enough to get internet access (you're of some high status) it is only the internal internet (or North Korean Intranet) not the outside internet. Only the supreme ruling elite get access to the outside Internet.

That is why you won't find articles or blog posts from people from within North Korea....

Comment: Re:Youtube + Netflix + Amazon (Score 1) 392

I don't give a wet fart about celebrity gossip but I can watch some english guy in his basement take apart vintage 70's laboratory equipment and explain it's theory of operation for hours. And I do.

Are you talking about mikeselectricstuff? I watch that channel too!

Comment: Re:my solution is the gym (Score 1) 819

I'm sorry, what?

The parent said he is 6'3 and I can sympathize as I am also 6'3. There is literally NO ROOM for the person in front to recline, my knees are already jammed hard into his seat and getting bruised. The gap in between seats is too small.

Now on longhaul flights (between Aus/NZ and the US) economy seats DO have more room and even fully reclined I fit fine. (It's still a small uncomfortable space, but my legs are no longer being fucking crushed like on shorthaul flights in the US.)

I literally could not fit my legs into the space infront of me on an LAX to SFO light. It's ridiculous.

Flying in economy is only for short people now....

Comment: Re:Duration??? (Score 4, Interesting) 162

by DiSKiLLeR (#47710343) Attached to: Wheel Damage Adding Up Quickly For Mars Rover Curiosity

The Opportunity (MER-B) Rover landed on Mars January 25, 2004. More than 10 years later, it is still going strong even though it, too, was only expected to perform a 3 month (90 day) mission.

The success and longevity of the earlier Mars rover missions sort of sets expectations that future missions will last just as long....

We of course realise that is not possible. Plenty of missions end early, Spirit (MER-A) got its wheel stuck and got in trouble years ago but Opportunity keeps on running and sets unrealistically high expectations of Curiosity and future missions.

Comment: Re:ZFS filesystem with dedup (Score 1) 243

whalah is not a word.... seriously. wtf people. It's voilÃ.

As for ZFS, sure, I recommend ZFS. But I'm not sure how i feel about ZFS's dedupe. Besides, the multiple files are still there even if it no longer takes up extra space.

You'd want a script that finds dupes by hash but that will only detect images that are identical copies, not 'simliar' say an image has been cropped or retouched or resized. A program that can find image dupes even with changes like would be ideal. Anything like that exist?

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