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Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

I've tried to find an article about this recently, but haven't been able to find the article that I read. But it turns out Google actually has your data collection lie to Google on a regular occasion. They get enough data that the lies shift out in the statistics, and in addition, no one at Google can actually trust specific data that you've sent Google...

Comment Re:Amazon has no idea what security is (Score 1) 131

So, I looked up the SMTP RFC, and yeah, the "local-part" (as it is determined) is to be treated as opaque by everyone BUT the domain in the address. Meaning that everyone must treat the addresses differently regardless of how GMail or anyone else interprets the semantics...

AND THEN, it turns out that while things are required to be case-insensitive, things are ALSO required to be case-sensitive. Basically, no one should ever assume that the local-part of the email address can be treated as caseless.

So, there you go, if Amazon doesn't let you sign up as both and, then they're totally out of spec...

But to the deeper part, why would Amazon not disable an account when someone with a local-part semantic collision calls in to object to getting the emails? "These two addresses are treated as semantically identical by my email provider, please figure out how to fix the other person's account," doesn't seem like a horribly unreasonable request... I'm sure they'd do it for coming from

Bitching about the RFCs and complaining that GMail is the problem is entirely misreading the RFC, and misreading reality in fact...

Comment Re:Never Going To Happen. (Score 3, Insightful) 291

No, no we don't.

A debit card is NOT currency. Nor is it universally accepted. And it is tied to a single currency.

I've lived and worked in multiple countries, have bank accounts in multiple countries, and have savings and investments in multiple currencies.

When travelling currency conversion fees are annoying. Even when using a debit card or credit card.

It's all a huge pain in the ass. A real pain in the ass. I can't wait for a single universal internet currency you can use everywhere and we can rid of bank fees, foreign exchange transaction fees, and other bullcrap. It's getting better but very far from ideal.

Comment Re:only in New Zealand? (Score 2) 96

We commonly get stuff in Australia or New Zealand first when companies try to test new things in western markets to see what the response is like.

Not just talking about apps, restaurants and other companies do it often.

idk why they mentioned it in the summary though *shrug*.

Comment Re:Does not work. (Score 0) 362

I don't know, I seem to have the opposite problem. I get contacted by recruiters from big silicon valley companies on a daily basis (Apple, Google Netflix, Okta, and just endless other companies in SF and Silicon Valley) and they just won't leave me the f*** alone.

I'm almost 36 years old, so above the average. Also where I work there's plenty of old people around, some in their 50s I'd say.

I think the problem isn't necessarily age discrimination, but the skills silicon valley companies and web companies need are simply different to the skills us older folks have. We cut our teeth on older tech (Physical Hardware, Main frames, SANs, building our own Datacenters and Networks, Compiling Kernels, etc) that's been replaced with new modern cloud stuff (do it all on AWS, used hosted services, etc.)

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 688

You want some harsh criticism? And some direct, blunt communication?

People don't scare quote "hetero", because it's the antonym of "homo-". So why the hell are you scare quoting "cis-" when it's the antonym of "trans-"? This is basic Latin, and if you didn't take Latin, then it's basic Chem, and if you didn't take basic Chem, then GET OFF MY INTERNET.

Unless you're going to argue that transgendered/transsexual people don't exist, then stop scare quoting "cis-" like it's some sort of boogie word. It's the natural choice for referring to individuals who are not "trans-". And if "trans" is a word, then "cis" is a word. Just like "hetero" and "homo".

Don't like it? TOUGH! That's how language works.

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 429

Avoid INTERCAL job postings at all costs.

So, you mean the fact that I wrote a c-intercal parser that used obscure opcodes to actually perform the interweave and or and xor isn't a good thing to put on my resume?

Also, my favorite obscure language is LIRL, and that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME BEING THE AUTHOR... rather, it's an interesting concept of, "what if Perl raped LISP and LISP was forced by the republican state government to carry that baby to term?"

The answer is: implied parentheses. To be clear, the language is absolutely context sensitive...

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 354

I ended up booting into DOS directly for most of these reasons.

Oddly, I barely even use 95... went straight from 3.x to 98. Where I still booted into DOS to do my gaming.

Ah... back in the day... I had to tetris my drivers to make sure I had enough conventional and XMS memory for the game I wanted to play... BOTH WAYS!

Comment Re:As a chemist, I have something to say. (Score 1) 135

Are you aware, that companies that produce lead-free solder in Europe, must have their product labeled with "may contain lead" in California?

Because California's lead restrictions are something like 9X (1 part per billion) where as Europe's standard is at 6X (1 part per million)... even though both of them can be described best and most easily with homeopathic dilution values...

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