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Comment: Bordernode.com (Score 1) 375

by DeusExCalamus (#38479440) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Inexpensive VPS Provider?
I use http://bordernode.com/ Cheap (they have a 30% off coupon right now), works...etc etc.. What's not to love? I have their cheapest plan w/ the gbit upgrade, use it for an IRC server. DDoS-filtered, un-metered inbound bandwidth, ('only' 500gb outbound) can't really complain for $20-something a month.

+ - IE9 Cannot Stop Decline of IE->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The usual suspects are out with the browser statistics for the month, which re particularly interesting as IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 launched within 2 weeks of each other. Firefox had a decent launch, it seems, but IE9 has not caught fire yet. The data also indicates that Chrome is the big winner of the month. Is it just me or is Microsoft setting itself up for failure by limiting IE9 to Windows 7 and how much does it help that Microsoft said that IE9 adoption is great, given the fact that it focuses on Windows 7 and the update process isn't in place yet?
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+ - Fedex to buy drug maker

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HikingStick writes: "In an unprecedented move, FedEx has made a bid to purchase Bayer, maker of Levitra and many other drugs. The new company would retain the FedEx name. This news release coincided with FedEx's decision to resurrect one of its old slogans for use with the new FedEx-branded Levitra:

"Levitra: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.""


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shayla.john86 writes: "iptables is a tool used in linux distributions to control kernel's netfilter's firewall. Here is a tutorial on iptables.

iptables firewall contains 3 tables, every table contains chains. Those chains are default. User is able to define new chains and link from default chains to those user defined chains."

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Comment: Re:The price is actually pretty nice (Score 4, Informative) 249

by DeusExCalamus (#33566448) Attached to: Gigabit Speeds At Home In the US

I know nothing about it, but my guess is that it's only 1 Gbps to the router room of the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga. From there it presumably rides their T1 to the Internet. (Or whatever they have.) Also, it's probably 1 Gbps download / 128 Kbps upload.

It's symmetrical. https://epbfi.com/you-pick/#/fi-speed-internet-1000

Comment: Re:It's always refreshing (Score 1) 1090

by DeusExCalamus (#33442502) Attached to: Armed Man Takes Hostages At Discovery Channel HQ

Dude, it's "The Learning Channel." They don't promise what you'll learn. You learn what not to be, how not to act, how many kids not to have, and good reasons not to get limbs lopped off. If it weren't for TLC I'd be a whiny bitch with 20 kids, 1 arm, no legs, and weigh 1/2 ton. Thank god TLC is there for me. Without god I don't know what I'd do.

TLC stopped being 'The Learning Channel' about a decade ago. Now it's just TLC, doesn't mean squat.

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