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Comment: Re:= paracetamol (Score 2) 186

by bsolar (#49469617) Attached to: Acetaminophen Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure, Study Finds
Not sure about how it works in the USA but in Europe source is not generics' manufacturers, it's the European Medicines Agency which mandates that generics have to be manufactured with exaclty the same quality and active component dosages than the brand reference medicine: only name, packaging and inactive components can differ (and obviously, price).

Comment: Re:"Revolutionary!" (Score 1) 105

by bsolar (#49461655) Attached to: Microsoft and Miele Team Collaborate To Cook Up an IoT Revolution
As far as I know Miele already offers its own selection of recommended products to use with its appliances and for good reason, since most cheap products can be actually crap which would lower the result's quality and most important reduce the lifetime of the appliances. Since these appliances can be sold with a 10 years warranty it can be a big issue.

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

Is this assumption based on something more than your personal opinion? Maybe men negotiating better is the reason they are seen as confident and women negotiating not so well is the reason they are seena s bitchy. You know, "It's cultural" sounds suspiciusly like "there is a convenient excuse which shifts the blame away from the women for their subpar performance".

Comment: Re:People who are offended (Score 1) 765

by bsolar (#49315751) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Of course they might be immature, since what they might consider "sexually inappropriate" might be perfectly fine within that specific working environment, making them the problem. If you want to work as a waitress in a topless bar and consider working topless "sexually inappropriate" the problem is yours: nobody forces you to work there as nobody forces you to contribute to this specific project.

Basically "inappropriate" sometimes just means "I personally don't like it so it should not exist at all".

Comment: Re:Simple methodology (Score 1) 347

by bsolar (#49145069) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates
Even with bridges you might have to show a preliminary to-scale model which gets discussed and iterated upon. The difference is that with bridges there is a fundamental difference and a huge delta in costs between building a to-scale model and building the real thing. So you don't build a bridge that way because you don't have the same capabilities as with software.

Comment: Re:Last week ... (Score 1) 290

by bsolar (#49110035) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette

You're still missing the point. The amount of sheet metal surrounding you doesn't determine your worth but it surely determines the outcome of a collision with something else, be it your fault or not or even without a fault at all. A pedestrian has to accept reality: if he gets hit by a car he easily risks injury or death, which means that for him being careless when crossing is much more dangerous.

Common advice for "soft" street users, be it pedestrian, cyclist or motocyclists, is to assume that everyone else is either completely incompetent or actively trying to kill you since in case of accident you dont want to be right but dead, you want to avoid the accident in the first place.

You cannot force other drivers to always pay attention or always "do their jobs": it would be nice but reality begs to differ. Being defensive is the best survival strategy.

Comment: Re:Last week ... (Score 1) 290

by bsolar (#49107283) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette
You are missing the point. This time this pedestrian met a responsible driver who noticed him and anticipated his careless crossing but next time he might meet a distracted or intoxicated or incompetent driver and get hit: then of course the driver would be in the wrong for not "doing his job", but it would be a pretty meager consolation for the pedestrian who would be dead.

Comment: Re:Is Obama stupid? (Score 2) 562

by bsolar (#48841335) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications
Not to mention that if US companies are supposed to "patriotically" enable and support access to encrypted communications to US officials the same goes for other countries. I'm sure he would not be ok at all with China stating that all Chinese hardware manufacturers should "patriotically" implement some solution to allow the Chinese government access.

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