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Comment Re:Passenger Weight Limits (Score 1) 373

Fault doesn't matter: what matters is the *individual* cost of transporting somebody. Until now the individual cost didn't matter, it was all put together and everyone paid an equal share, but it actually makes sense that if *you* are more expensive to carry around, *you* need to pay more for the service, be it due to having a lot of fat, muscle or having an Adamantium skeleton.

Comment Re:Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing"? (Score 1) 231

That depends: in Legal Positivism unjust laws are laws nonetheless, but in Natural Law unjust laws are not possible, so an unjust law is by definition invalid and it's in your right to challenge them. It might even be considered a moral obligation to do so.

Comment Re:Uber is "ride sharing" ? (Score 1) 168

Uber knows that it has very little chance to push for changes in legislations in Saudi Arabia, but it has actually chances in western countries. On top of that the consequences of losing such a battle are pretty different. It makes perfectly sense for them not to fight battles they are very unlikely to lose but still fight battles they believe they can win in the long term.

Comment Re:Proposed solution is more sexist (Score 1) 388

Not sure about the rest of Europe, but here heating and especially air-conditioning is very strictly regulated to limit excessive energy consumption and (in some locations) noise emissions. The push is toward energy-efficient buildings which require less active heating/cooling altogether. Of course until all places are renovated you might end up in a nice old office which doesn't match these standards and in which it's forbidden to even install AC in any other place than the Server Room. Sometimes it's good to be the IT guy...

Comment Re:Investigating if laws were broken (Score 2) 312

The issue is not about knowledge of the law, it's about legal certainty. More specifically, if the authorities themselves after investigating the issue are unsure about how the law is supposed to apply, it might be that even if such law exists it might be void for vagueness.

Comment Re:Pronoun Game Anyone? (Score 4, Interesting) 122

The issue is not people customising their own install of Kodi. The issue is custom *hardware* set-top boxes being sold on eBay or Marketplace or whatever, which are explicitly advertised to run Kodi (which is preinstalled) and have the capability of pirating content easily (thanks to the not advertised custom addons).

People think it's Kodi "vanilla" which allows the pirating since they don't realise it's thanks to the custom addons, so the reputation of Kodi suffers.

Comment Re:Pronoun Game Anyone? (Score 4, Informative) 122

Not the "legal" boxes: they complain about illegal boxes sold with a preinstalled version of Kodi modified with addons facilitating piracy. The article talks about "pirate boxes" and cites a link to another article explaining their fight against piracy-oriented media boxes sold on eBay and advertised as running Kodi.

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