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Comment: Re:disclosure (Score 1) 445

No, it's the supporters who are claiming that the moon is made of green cheese, that human beings are powerful enough to affect climate significantly.

There is a scientific consensus for that. But a mere consensus does not make it true, and it is, after all, a very fantastic and fantasy filled claim that has not been borne out by correct models.

Comment: Re:Even more confusing (Score 1) 7

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49112933) Attached to: just think how some conversations could go

Oh, and back on topic and more to the point:
7. If gas tank 20% full and battery 20% full, hibernate mode on computer if accidentally left on and wheels are not moving. Right now if you tried to use a Gen2 prius as a backup house generator, you run the risk of bricking the system, unable to boot computer, unable to add more gas, must drag onto a flatbed and tow to Toyota to use their fancy charging system to bring the car back to life.

Comment: Re:Even more confusing (Score 1) 7

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49112889) Attached to: just think how some conversations could go

I guess I'd just make some different programming choices- and eventually really want to replace the computer in my Prius with one that has some added features. These features may already be available on newer models, mine is a 2006 Gen2.

Features I'd like to see:
1. The only reason to run the gas engine under 25 miles an hour should be for recharging and generating, period. EV mode only at low speed.
2. An expert mode should be available wherein "creep ahead at stop" is disabled
3. Cruise control should also be able to be set by a numeric keypad, and should be able to handle values lower than 23.
4. Sport mode should be available that disengages the traction control and enables all three motors for acceleration (you can get the second half of this in a gen2 by angrily stomping on the accelerator, it takes a second to engage, but you suddenly go from 34 HP to 174 HP as the second electric and the gas motor kick in).
5. Finer resolution than 5 minutes on the average MPG consumption graph.
6. Ability to download trip data onto an SD card.

Comment: Re:thanks for sharing kapersky (Score 1) 131

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49058913) Attached to: Bank Hackers Steal Millions Via Malware

Not quite. That particular malware makes it into their database so other customers should be slightly safer.
I'm not sure how effective this anonymity through obscurity is though, presumably people in Kiev know which bank's ATMs randomly regurgitate cash. It will also have been reported so Ukranian (or Russian) speakers will be able to use Yandex or Google.

Comment: Re:Precondition: Rail Baltic (Score 2) 149

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49039679) Attached to: Mooted: An Undersea Link From Finland To Estonia

I really don't think it could be cost-effective.
The distance involved is greater than the Channel Tunnel, and neither Finland nor Estonia has a large enough population to make it worth that much expenditure. There is no way passenger figures will match those of the Channel Tunnel and that particular project ended in tears for investors.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 2, Informative) 297

Saying "Its a newspaper" is inadequate - the National Enquirer qualifies, so does the New York Times.
Conrad Black founded the National Post (while in charge of Hollinger) and writes for it now. He appears to have been in prison when the offending articles were published.

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