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Submission Curiosity Rover Finds "Ancient Streambed" Proving Mars Once Had Water-> 3

eldavojohn writes: As NPR reports, NASA's Curiosity Rover has tweeted pictures of proof of water on Mars. Indications arose earlier this year but researchers are now calling this proof of a stream ankle to hip deep running at about three feet per second judging by the pictures. The shapes prove these rocks were weathered as they were transported by something and the sizes tell you that that something couldn't be wind.
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Comment Re:Home button will stay (Score 4, Interesting) 329

I always thought the home button was a good design to make the iphone easy to use for everyone.

It also would affect the usability of the device to remove it. No matter what you do on your iphone, you have one button that brings you back to the start. This makes it very easy to use.

Some multitouch gesture would be the complete opposite.

Comment Re:Spoiler Alert (Score 4, Insightful) 244

I agree, I do think that the spoiler issue in Wikipedia betrays the group think that goes on there sometimes placing ideology over pragmatism. It wouldn't hurt them to include spoiler warnings and it certainly lessens for me the utility of it. I simply do not read articles in Wikipedia on any works of fiction that I may want to read in the future for this reason. You can't even read the introduction.

Comment Re:What's changed in the past 15 years? (Score 2, Interesting) 271

I believe the earliest versions of these browsers didn't even have any CSS support.

Even now all browsers don't fully implement standards - there is still a lot of red on this chart:

So a bit to go to the solved problem.

May all your PUSHes be POPped.