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Comment: Re:Time and Place (Score 1) 276

I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but generally for extradition you usually have dual criminality. Shooting someone in Scotland from England is a crime in England and Scotland, so your anaolgy is flawed as I don't think O Dwyer has been charged with any crimes in England.

Comment: Re:Why not a crawler? (Score 1) 64

Aside from stability issues others have mentioned, a snake large enough to house all the stuff in the rover would be very well, large I think.
link chosen from google image search becasue you can get an idea of scale from the people standing beside the rover.
Combining and recombining like a Japanese cartoon robot works best in cartoons. Sand and other realities would make it difficult to execute well on Mars

Comment: Re:Same As the NTSB (Score 1) 257

by CubicleView (#40287771) Attached to: No Tech Panacea For Tech-Distracted Driving
I'm used to cycling in city traffic (Dublin, Ireland) and sensors and empty junctions don't factor there. Some of the quieter areas might have them but I honestly don' t know. All I know for sure is that outside of the city there are plenty of junctions which don't have sensors. Oh and I don't push any buttons when I'm on the bike, I just run them once it's "clear" :D

Comment: Re:Same As the NTSB (Score 3, Insightful) 257

by CubicleView (#40282337) Attached to: No Tech Panacea For Tech-Distracted Driving
I've wondered about that myself. Assuming the traffic light system remains unchanged, 2 reasons I can think of against allowing any flexibility in running red lights are

1. Force of habit, if John Doe is used to running red lights since the junctions nearby are always empty he might plough into someone absentmindedly when at an unfamiliar junction.

2. Ambiguity, a red light is a red light, a “clear junction” is open to interpretation

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons against the idea, but the above two seemed enough to me.

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