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+ - What to do with a broken laptop?

Submitted by Dadoo
Dadoo (899435) writes "I recently had two laptops go bad on me at almost exactly the same time. (One has a bad video chip, and the other has become so flaky as to be unusable.) Both are far out of warranty. I replaced the flaky one, and I sent the other laptop in to a repair company. Since I don't think I really got my money's worth, in either case, I'd like to ask Slashdot: what do you do, when your laptop breaks? Do you just toss it out and get a new one? Do you get it repaired? If so, where?"
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+ - Salary Survey

Submitted by Dadoo
Dadoo (899435) writes "I work in the IT department of a small company (~250 employees). We're trying to hire a programmer, but our management is telling us candidates are asking for too much money. According to a salary survey they have, we're paying more than other companies our area, and the candidates are asking for much more. Some are asking for twice as much as the highest-paid person in our department. Personally, I think these salary surveys are designed to put employees at a disadvantage, so I'd like to ask the taboo question: how much do you make? Answer anonymously, if you feel you need to, but include your location, your actual job description and/or title, your years of experience, and your salary."

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