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Comment: Re:RIP for a slow death (Score 3, Informative) 423

by Dadoo (#46399447) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

8 inch drives never made it to consumer use. They were only for the big computers of the day. Things like newspaper typesetting machines.

No it's your memory that's failing. As other people have pointed out, one of the TRS-80s had 8" floppy drives. The first computer I ever used was an Ohio Scientific something-or-other - 6502-based, with 48k of memory and dual 8" floppy drives. These computers were at my high school, and they weren't multi-tasking systems, so they couldn't have cost that much.

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by Dadoo (#45645361) Attached to: The Real Story of Hacking Together the Commodore C128

But on 6502 machines one did not have to wait for the vertical sync to update the video memory.

I'm pretty sure you believe that, because the only 6502-based machines you've worked with have very low resolution. (Both the C64 and Apple II were 40x24.) I have a 6502-based machine, at home, whose resolution is 64x32, and it does require you to pay attention to Vsync. It's easy to play tricks like that, when you cut corners.

6502-machines' 40-column displays are probably one of contributing factors to their reputation as gaming machines, since they don't work well for business, and most Z80-based machines at the time were 80x25.

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by Dadoo (#45333513) Attached to: One In Five Sun-Like Stars May Have an Earth-Like Planet

Actually, if you go fast enough, you don't need life-extension.

I remember reading, somewhere, that if we could just reach something like 99% of the speed of light, the entire universe is only a year away, due to time dilation. I read that a long time ago, though, so it may be out of date.

Of course, I'd much rather find a way around having to accelerate, at all, like wormholes, or something. Between the acceleration time, the radiation issues, etc., there are many more problems with lightspeed, than just getting there.

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by Dadoo (#45149383) Attached to: Most Parents Allow Unsupervised Internet Access To Children At Age 8

The 7 year old has graduated to looking at odd things on youtube

I used to let my kids watch YouTube, too, until it became clear that quite a few of the videos on there aren't appropriate for children. Between the language - even in something as innocuous as a Minecraft video - and the borderline violence, I finally had to turn it off.

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