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Comment: Re:"Now the userbase needs to expand" (Score 1) 63

by Dadoo (#48223515) Attached to: PCGamingWiki Looks Into Linux Gaming With 'Port Reports'

Why would anyone want to watch someone else play video games?

Have you never heard of YouTube? Try searching for "let's play", sometime. Some of those videos have over a million views. Even the less popular stuff, like Minecraft, pulls in enough advertising money for these people to make a living from it.

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by Dadoo (#48134353) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

Just because the author asserts that the password system is broken doesn't make Randall Munroe's point about passwords incorrect.

That was the first thing I thought of, but I still thought the author made a few good points - especially the part about wanting to get rid of passwords, entirely - and I wanted to see what other Slashdotters thought.

+ - Password Security: Why the horse battery staple is not correct

Submitted by Dadoo
Dadoo (899435) writes "By now, everyone who reads Slashdot regularly has seen the XKCD comic discussing how to choose a more secure password, but at least one security researcher rejects that theory, asserting that password managers are the most important technology people can use to keep their accounts safe. He says, 'In this post, I’m going to make the following arguments: 1) Choosing a password should be something you do very infrequently. 2) Our focus should be on protecting passwords against informed statistical attacks and not brute-force attacks. 3) When you do have to choose a password, one of the most important selection criteria should be how many other people have also chosen that same password. 4) One of the most impactful things that we can do as a security community is to change password strength meters and disallow the use of common passwords.'"

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and this is EXACTLY what's wrong with programmers today!

I'd love to agree with you, there, but when I got started programming, VAXen were all the rage, and programmers were still taught to program as if CPU and memory were unlimited resources. Sorry, but this is one philosophy you can't blame on "programmers today."

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What I want to know is, what ever happened to fuse-based proms, and why we can't use similar technology to store important data? I have to believe that, with current technology, we could create proms with a density at least as high as current usb keys, and since they're just microscopic wires in a hermetically sealed package, they'd last basically forever.

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you therefore find the concept to be so ridiculous as to be outside the realm of plausibility

You need to learn how to read - specifically where I used the phrases "slightly less believable" and "most people". There are definitely exceptions to that rule.

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You're a perv.

One of the things I find makes the show slightly less believable is that Sheldon seems to be completely asexual. In reality, as far as I can tell, most people as smart as Sheldon are obsessed with sex. (Feynman and Hawking, for example.)

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Maybe that's the real reason we don't have it yet.

You're probably right about that.

While I don't really believe this, it wouldn't surprise me if, in the future, there was a big news story about how the cold fusion guys were right, all along. Why? Just think about how the world's power structure would change, if it was real. Demand for fossil fuels would drop to maybe 10% of what it is now, almost overnight... power companies would be out of business... and so on. Portable fusion reactors would dramatically transform the world, so there's plenty of incentive for the powers that be to supress such a technology.

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Error messages, too, have disappeared

Wow, I totally agree with you, on that. For example, one reason I've always preferred Firefox over IE is that, when it couldn't get connected to a website, it would basically just say "I can't get connected to that site". My first question was always, "well why can't you get connected?". Were you able to find look up the name? Did you get a network error, like "connection refused" or "network unreachable?" Now, Firefox is doing the same thing. Holy crap, is that irritating.

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