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Comment Re:you wanted capitalism (Score 1) 582

As opposed to every other system whereby the most powerful are the government and have no need to "consolidate" power as they already have all of it and can readily siphon off government money for their own purposes. No amount of ideology about how some economic system is supposed to work will change humans from how they actually behave.

There are more than two ways. that is all.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582


The evolutionary fitness argument of markets is nice and all, but the reality is as above, and it impacts on many lives and wastes resources every day. Surely we can consider ways to improve this, perhaps by more democratic or crowd-sourced monitoring of key decisions. Egos can sometimes be dissolved by many eyes.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582

BTW, it appears that you don't understand the beauty of the free market... If Enterprise A screws up, you can go work for (or buy products from) enterprises B, C, D, et al. If the government screws up, you can... move to another country?

I'll take the free market, thanks.

Sadly your example only works in some fields not all. The myth here is that of universal access. Works for some industries (e.g. pc manufacturer), not others e.g. transport (I want to go to one place, not any place).

Central provider has flaws too. Particularly where unmonitored (e.g. soviet style dictatorship). Can't we find a better way to manage finite resources that comes closer to democracy?

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582

I worked for a company that paid me salary of about $100k a year.

There's nothing wrong with that.

You are in a minority, and with respect, yours is not the problem to which the thread refers. I'd agree you are not particularly exploited, and probably have some nice shoes too - this says nothing in itself about the best way to run society.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 4, Interesting) 582

Totally agree the specific case isn't free market. But interested in the wider debate. My experience is that the theory you state (and as I was taught), just doesn't appear to happen. From my working life, which I don't have any reason to believe has brought me in to contact with a particularly bad subset of people, poor performing people are often promoted, and massively inefficient business regularly carry on. Don't get me wrong I like the implied use of evolutionary theory, but I do not believe in the limited real world that it is the major factor. Many businesses work in isolated or limited gene pools, if i may abuse the metphor. Nor do I believe we should abbrogate responsibility for management of finite resources , or have the time (millions of generations) to allow such a crude tool to work.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582

*Yawn* - anyone capable of engagine in political debate? The last bit didn't really work. BTW the US, where the case happened, isn't currently socialist.

I wasn't particularly calling for socialism, by pointing out some flaws in the "free market". I'd hoped we'd all moved on from a previous generations' stupid "only two possible ways to run the world, and one is evil" idea - it really didn't go well and it killed people, a lot.

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