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Comment I'm not so sure you're right (Score 1) 349

what's normal is what's defined in society. I remember a story about some Africans who migrated to the US to escape persecution. They were used to very little privacy because of their living conditions. When they moved to the US they suddenly had lots of the stuff. So much they had mental problems from the disconnect with people.

A lot of American obsession with privacy is brought on by puritan style shaming. E.g. we do have stuff we want to hide, even if we don't really need to. Yeah, there are really good examples where our privacy can be infringed (the stuff their doing with license plate readers is downright scary) but you can definitely take it too far, and there's a case to be made that America has.

Comment Why would Nintendo do that? (Score 1) 18

You're right about stringing along, but they're just waiting for hardware prices to drop. Nintendo normally makes money on their hardware. Hardware sales for both the 3DS & 2DS are profitable for them. Even the WiiU has passed the break even point.

Nintendo can count on selling DSes and NX Consoles, so why collapse the two into one platform? They'll wait for Microsoft/Sony to drive down ram/cpu prices and crank out a decent box they can sell for $250 at launch with $200 worth of hardware in it.

Comment Re:And who trusts Financial "Advisors"? (Score 4, Funny) 71

To get really rich, you must understand the financial market. but you also need an advantage by having a special insight in the market and most importantly politics (as politics define the rules of the game).

I am reminded of the line from a W.C. Fields movie. A guy sits down to play cards with him and asks, "Is this a game of chance?"

Fields answers, "Not the way I play it."

Comment Re:Sanders 2016 (Score 1) 170

The $100K is clearly the "last $100k", that part should have been obvious, but you choose to be obtuse instead.

So, if you are taxed one dollar out of $1,000,000, you would see that as being taxed for 100% of the last dollar you earned? You are worse than stupid. You are intractably and willfully ignorant.

. You seem to think that a 38% rate is acceptable for ANY level of income.

There is no one in the United States who pays 38% of their income in income tax. Not only do you not understand how marginal tax rates work, but you are intent on maintaining this state of not understanding marginal income tax rates.

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